Sheamus, John Cena, Undertaker, and Batista: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, Oh My

lee raydeanCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2009

As we have seen for the last few weeks on RAW, Sheamus has gotten the drop on John Cena.

The first time was at their contract signing.  John took his eyes off of Sheamus for not even a split second and he was kicked in the head and dropped through a table.

At their second meeting, this last past week on RAW, Dallas Maverick Owner Mark Cuban, set up a trash talking episode between the two.  Again, Cena took his eyes off of Sheamus and got the boot.

He scathed the table but Mark Cuban more or less came to Cena's rescue and pushed Sheamus onto the mat. The Celtic Warrior was in complete shock but soon overcame that and ended up putting Cuban through a table.

In my opinion, Cena had better not even blink at TLC when he is in the ring with the red headed Irishman

All Sheamus has to do is put Cena through a table first and he will walk away with the championship.

Now, on the other hand, Cena will never, ever back away from a challenge. No matter what the size of his challenger may be. After all, he is the champion for a reason.

We have a chairs match with Batista against the phenom and champion, Undertaker. This one will be very intense as was the first with Cena and Sheamus.

In the last few weeks, Batista has taken advantage of the dead man when he has been in a match or the animal would sneak up behind him and hit him with a chair.

Does this mean that Batista is a little leery of the phenom and can't do this face to face? Batista did, after all, beat up Rey Mysterio unmercifully because he thought that Rey ruined it for the animal to win the belt during a triple threat match.

There are a few questions that need to be answered. What if the phenom loses, what will become of him? Will he retire or still wrestle in the WWE? What kind of champion would Batista be? Will he still be a heel or be a great champion?

Can't wait to see these two matches on Dec. 13. 

Benjamin will take Christian to Timbuktu and back. This match promises to be very interesting as well.

Also, there is Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton. Wish I could be there to see this match live. Kofi has beaten Orton on a few occasions. Hopefully, Legacy won't interfere.

Now there is the Unified Tag Team match, Jericho and Big Show vs. DX for the belts. Even though DX has never had tag team belts together, there is a very good possibility they can beat Jerishow and for the first time together, become tag team champions. DX deserves to win the belts.

Finally, challenger Drew McIntyre takes on Intercontinental champion, John Morrison. Both are excellent athletes and can be dangerous on any level.

Fans, there are just about 48 hours to TLC. This is going to be one hell of a ride for each competitor, whether it be tag team or single competition.

Don't be surprised to see Vickie Guerrero come out. It's usually a dramatic entrance and probably would be to introduce a new boyfriend.