Ronnie C Wright@@ronniecwrightContributor IDecember 11, 2009

     The summer of my senior year in high school afforded me an opportunity to travel to Atlanta, Georgia and to study with a wonderful chef who worked in a restaurant, owned by a family friend. This restaurant was well known especially among professional sports figures seeking the best mouth watering steaks in the city. While my friends were enjoying sun, sand and surf, I was following in the steps of my participatory sports hero, George Plimpton, in the kitchen cooking a meal for "Sports Kings." With names like Hank Aaron, Muhammad Ali, Willie Mays,Calvin Peete, Ted Turner, Andrew Young, Walt Frazier and others coming in again and again. I decided to keep a journal and create a diet that I could personally use, based on by observations of these "greats."  I used Plimpton as a role model for my project with hope that it would fuel the fire for something in the future related to what he did...honestly, I did not know what - but, all things must begin with a seed. I found myself in the middle of the arena with a chance to whip up something of lasting value. 
     This moment in time was the beginning of "The Stayfine Diet."  When I worked at this beautiful steakhouse that had a luxury lounge with fireplace, I was introduced to Henry "Hank" Aaron who grew up with the owner of the establishment. "I understand you plan to become a writer one day," he said. "My friend told me that you view this  job as a stepping stone." "Yes sir!," I responded. "I will become the next George Plimpton, one day." Hank smiled and said, "Stand tall in the batters box and swing for the fences." "Man, Hammering Hank, laid some advice on me... a small town kid with big dreams," I thought to myself. 
      In my journal, I wrote the following: The Stayfine Diet may it motivate the world to "swing for the fences." Then I wrote this little story titled: THE JOGGER AND THE BOY
     One morning, a jogger was jogging around the park when a boy sped by him. The boy noticed the jogger and laughed out loud. He stopped and offered him some white sugar.
     "Old man, you need some of this white sugar to give you a boast," the boy cheered. "With this little powder you get a kick and, oh boy! - you need it."
    The jogger said, "I get a natural kick from my daily jog. That little powder has no nutritional value" You see, the jogger knew this boy and, the jogger knew his habits and, he knew the boy's energy would only last for a few minutes because he did not have proper fuel to fire up his mind, body and spirit.
     "I'll give you an apple," the jogger said. "If you make it to the tennis courts near the bridge before I do."
     "Old man - are you serious?," the boy replied. "I've got pep in step and a tiger in my tank."
     "Yes! I'm serious," The jogger said. "A gentleman always keeps his end of the bargain. Start your engine and go..."  The boy looked at him with a mischievous grin and said, "See ya...cause I'm gonna beat ya!"
     The boy zoomed off, blowing sand in the jogger's face. Soon the boy noticed a fast food cart, in the park. With his large lead on the jogger, he decided to stop.
     "I'll have a candy bar, a donut and a soda pop," the boy said. "I'll just enjoy these delights and relax for a moment because it will take that old man forever," he thought to himself. The boy kick up his heels and tasted his treats.
     The jogger stayed on course with a steady pace. He smiled when he noticed the boy lounging in the hammock. It was a bright, beautiful sunny day and the boy sort of drifted off his goal. Suddenly, he remembered the agreement with jogger. He had to perform to get the prize - the apple. He jumped up and made a mad dash for it. But, he was too late. When he reached tennis courts, the jogger was waiting with a smile and a gift.
     "What happen to your energy," the jogger asked. The boy was breathing too hard to reply immediately.
     "My boy, this book titled: The Stayfine Diet and, this shiny apple is a present for you," the jogger said. "Hopefully, it will remain you that the way to maintain your energy and to fit, intelligent, natural & energetic...comes from good food, information, nutrition & exercise."
     Every year, I'm remained of the marvelous advice Hank Aaron gave to me and the inspiration I received from George Plimpton. The drive to "Stayfine" grows increasingly more difficult everyday because the distraction keep getting better. But  "The Stayfine Diet" the first installment in a series of articles based on my award-winning diet -- it suggests a well-rounded approach that is solid and personally rewarding. What you need is not more instant cures but, a role model like Hank Aaron or George Plimpton to pattern your game after. Sports greats who have laid a smooth foundation that you can stand on and trust for good results if only you take the action to achieve your goals. The lessons in "The Stayfine Diet" are realistic and obtainable and they work. The brass ring awaiting your efforts in your destiny yearns for your steps to claim what is rightfully yours. When {YOU} realize it's 'Your Own Uniqueness' and, 'Your Own Understanding' that helps you stay {FINE}Fit, Intelligent, Natural & Energetic... an awakening takes place and shapes you up into the reality that is now.  With  "The Stayfine Diet" results are achieved as pounds are either lost are maintained at the desired level, allowing you to do those other things you have always dreamed of such as - working out, playing sports, finding romance and hanging out with your friends. This is of course not some's your moment in shine and to reclaim your life, everyday. 
Feeling Unique Now
     The Stayfine Diet is a "fine-carb" and "fine-fats" diet. They Stayfine Diet is about {YOU}Your Own Uniqueness and Your Own Understanding. The Stayfine Diet shows you how to "Eat & Master" a "Finestyle" and, measureably decrease pounds and to increase health and happiness.
     You will achieve {RESULTS}Realizing Every Step Ultimately Leads To Success...using Acronetics an award-winning technology, I invented at the University of Florida. Your {ACTIONS}Actively Choosing To Improve Options Now, will provide you with real evidence over a two week period. You will see 7 to 14 pounds melt away. How?
     You simpy {EAT}Elevate Attitude Today...leading to you Eliminatinating Anxiety Today. Your attitude will determine your altitude through your actions and achievements. You'll incorporate {VALUE} short for:
(A)wesome soups & salads
(L)ean meat, fish, turkey & chicken
(U)nique snacks
     You'll use {STEAM}Solution That Enhances A Meal to lock in nutrition and flavor. Your personal plan will help you lose weight and reduce hunger. You will eat, feel great and look great! Twice a day you will {SNACK} short for:
(S)ow cheese
(N)uts (smoked or unsalted)
(A)merican hummus
(C)ilantro roll
(K)eylime spread...
    Be {WISE}Water Is Source Efficient so drink adequate amounts to wash clean your inner body. Now it time to {PLAY}Produce Leadership Accelerating You...Over the following two weeks these are your key {STEPS}Systems To Eliminate Pounds Successfully...
STEP 1: System To Eliminate Pounds {CRAWL}
(A)lcohol - none
(B)aked good, breads, pasta & potatoes - none
(C)ake, candy, cream & cookies - none
Remember to {SMILE}Single Most Important Little Exercise, especially during the first one or two days. Soon you will find your fighting change. Simply become a friend by embraching {CHANGE}Creating Habits Around New Growth Everyday...Step 1 is primarily about your {CRAWL}Creating Real Action Worth Living.
Step 2: System To Enhance Performance {WALK}
After 14 days of "crawling" your will eliminate between 7 and 14 pounds. Also your inner body will get {CLEAN}Clear Litter Eating At Nature. In short, your will feel "Clean." The measurable difference is called {LIGHT}Living In Good Habits Today...because your have Let In Good Habits Today. Your cravings have been tamed and ruled by {YOU}Your Own Understanding. This is a {SIGN}Self Is Generating Naturally.
You not {RESULTS}Realizing Every Step Ultimately Leads To Success. Keep moving and continue on your path to your personal weight lost program. You will have fun on the Stayfine Diet. Remember {YOU}Your Own Uniqueness...this inner voice will help you {STICK}Simply Try Increasing Conscience Knowledge to achieve your routine objectives to reduce a pound or two a week on average. After you hit the bulls eye you'll work to become a {MASTER}Maintaining A Strategy To Enhance Results.
Step 3: System To Enhance Position {RUN}
This step leads you to a "finestyle" for life. In this position, you will clearly see your {PLAN}Producing Little Actions Now...You {EAT}Establishing Actions Today that will define {FUN}Feeling Unique Now.
Your personal weight lose program through the Stayfine Diet is also good for your blood chemistry and your {HEART}Helping Eaters Achieve Results Today. Step 3 is truly about {CHANGE}Creating Habits Around New Growth Everyday through {CHANGE}Creating Health Around New Generation Everyday...
Again, simply put - the Stayfine Diet is a "fine-carb" and "fine-fat" diet that helps you stay {FINE}Fit + Intelligent + Natural +, in the words of Hank Aaron, "swing for the fences..." You just need to {EARN}Establishing A Return Now.