A Random Walk Through 2009 West Virginia Football

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIIDecember 11, 2009

CINCINNATI - NOVEMBER 13:  Head coach Bill Stewart of the West Virginia Mountaineers meets with his team against the Cincinnati Bearcats in the second quarter at Nippert Stadium on November 13, 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In July, I issued the Waffling Flip-Flop Comment of the Year by stating that West Virginia could end up 6-and-6 or win them all and neither would surprise me.

I was right.  No shocker at 9-and-3.

Twenty words or less: The offensive line fell into place, the defense fought through injuries, and Stew kept them guessing, including us.  Not bad.

Mountaineer haiku.  Almost.


Bill Stewart is the Coach of the Year selection of barely a few, if any.  The knock: Great guy, helluva nice guy, great ambassador of the sport, however...

What are you folks waiting for?  Still pining for West Virginia native son Nick Saban?  "But, hey!" the guy who keeps this dead horse alive on talk radio always says, "Saban was in Morgantown just a couple of days after Rich Rod left.  He wasn't vacationing!  It was just a matter of paying the money!"

News flash: Nick Saban is not going to coach at West Virginia.

I know, I know.  It's disappointing.  But, that's the reality, just like Teri Hatcher does not read my articles on b/r even though I really think she would find them funny and insightful.


So, let's get all crazy and pretend Nick Saban is on the Mountaineer sidelines.

We've scattered three close losses and ooops!  That Nehlen airplane is back circling Milar Puskar.  "Saban Must Go!" it streams.

And he does.

That reminds me: Florida State has never sent anyone in West Virginia a formal thank you for landing Bobby Bowden in its lap.  Jeez!  It's been almost 35 years, too!

That's a big ol' dadgum.


Before I move on...for the benefit of those not familiar with the history of West Virginia University football:

a) For Sale signs were constantly placed in Bobby Bowden's front yard during his stay in Morgantown,

b) Some genius with a lot of money actually commissioned an airplane to fly the "Nehlen Must Go!" banner on game days,

c) The athletic department was not exactly forthcoming with pariah Rich Rod, and

d) Nick Saban is still the topic of conversation on Mountain State airwaves, as in, "golly, that would have been really neat!"


The Gator Bowl committee is pathetic.  Money talks, and Clemson walks.  But, who am I to comment?


Bill Stewart is a good man and a fine college football coach.  We were in the pits of hell in the New Year 2008 and he showed us the way.  He never gives up on us, rewarding us with an upset of No. 8 Pittsburgh. 

All Stew needs now is a signature road win on the order of a Don Nehlen 1982 Oklahoma or a Rich Rodriguez 2002 Virginia Tech.

Besides, he looks particularly handsome in his Tressel vest.


Great piece in the Charleston (W.Va.) Daily Mail about the wonderful relationship between Jeff Mullen, and Jarrett Brown.  Now, all we need the OC to do is teach Geno Smith a 3-step, 5-step dropback game to augment his athletic talents.  That would be a great move.  Geno possesses a Dan Marino release that has not been seen on the home team sidelines in Morgantown.