Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2009

In what has to be the most baffling move so far by head coach John Tortorella, Defenseman Matt Gilroy is singled out and has been sent down to Hartford. Calling up Hartford goalie Matt Zaba and sending goalie Chad Johnson back down to AHL.  JOHNSON NEVER PLAYED A GAME!

Unless the Rangers are about to make some trades by tomorrow and recall Gilroy for saturdays game. this has to be the dumbest thing Tortorella has done. Even if the Rangers win saturday, this proves nothing. If this is Tortorella’s way of making a statement, the only statement he has proved is mine, when I say this guy is clueless on what he is doing.

Should we break down the 25 games of Wade Redden. Being out of place, passing the puck right to opposing players and costing goals against them, and taking terrible penalties all at the wrong time. Or how about the 1 goal and 5 assists in 25 games and playing mostly on the Gaborik line. You would think after thirteen years in the league he should have the defensive aspect of the game down pact, but he is far from. He has easily cost the Rangers 5 or 6 games so far this year. How many games has Gilroy?

Maybe we should look at combinations. Such as Marc Staal and Dan Girardi. Here we have a wanna be Brian Leetch in Staal, and guy who forgot how to play defense, Girardi decided to lay in front of 90 mile per hour hard hockey pucks to make up for it. These two idiots have not done anything right in the 30 games that they played either. Have they won any games for the Rangers so far? Better yet, have they done anything to help the Rangers this season so far? Has Gilroy?

Or how about the bum of the decade Michal Rozsival. This character has cost the Rangers more power plays  in 30 games then anyone in the history of hockey over their entire careers. Be it penalties, or fanning on a non moving puck. His defense of play is probably in the top 3 worst defenders in the league. He has 1 goal and 7 assist in 30 games, and if he is not costing the Rangers the game then he is not doing anything at all. As soon as the Ranger get momentum Rosy is kind enough to get a penalty or rather stand around in front of his own net while his goalie is scrambling to clear the puck. He has cost the RANGERS AT LEAST 6 GAMES THIS SEASON SO FAR, but don’t worry he will double that before the season is up. He has yet to be praised for anything this year. How many times has Gilroy been praised for his outstanding play so far?

Maybe we should look at bums in bunches. Chris Drury, Brian Boyle, Donald Brashear, Ales Kotalik and Aaron Voros. So far these guys have not been able to do anything at all. Drury is going on 25, 26 games with out a goal. Voros has more penalties then any of these guy has goals. Brashear, this guy is so invisible I forgot he was on the team. Ales Kotalik just wishes he was back in Montreal! yes i know he played for Buffalo. just goes to show where his head is at.

I would say Ryan Callahan but if he goes the Rangers will not have anyone to check any body. So I guess keep him on for some kind of physical presence, as little as it is!

Avery has been playing better but he most definitely needs to do more and as for the rest. They have been ok.

But yet Tortlorella decided that he needs these 9 guys to do nothing what so ever and get rid of Gilroy. The kid skates hard, is constantly back checking and doing a good job in the defensive zone. He has 19 penalty minutes but they were not stupid nor costly penalties. He is one of the main reasons the Rangers were doing so well on the power play and for a rookie, the mistakes he has made are minimal.

I thought when the Rangers started this off season signings and draft picks, that they were heading in the right direction. Looking for the future of this team. Which meant they would not be babying these veterans. But that is exactly what they are doing.

Weather a player has a one way contract or a two way contract, they all can be sent to Hartford. What is the worst that can happen, a team grabs rosy and or Redden. Maybe we get lucky and they both get grabbed. Dam that is 10 million plus cap that gets freed up.

As long as Tortorella is head coach and Redden and Rosy are still on this team. Everyone that actually pays to go see this team play ,is really paying to see a really bad circus show. One would think it can not get any worse. But leave it to Tort to prove us wrong. Never before has a person won the loser of the week award twice in the same week. Congrats to you John Tortorella. You are clearly a jackass!