The Steelers Play " Pop Warner " Style Against The Browns.

melvin craftCorrespondent IJune 24, 2016

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

 To quote Matt Millen (yes the same guy that should be brought up on charges for destroying the NFL's Detroit Lions franchise) "This is your time to act like champions"..... Well last night in a season of uninspired performances the Steelers got “Pop Warnered “ in their 13-6 loss to the Browns.             SILENCE

Ok Lets pretend that Mike Tomlin wasn’t feeling well and he had a migraine headache and couldn’t see that the Offense was "out of sync" the entire game. Maybe he was listening to his IPod and didn’t notice that on the field they were getting embarrassed even $hit-kicked by the Browns. The 1-11 Browns who were running that ugly looking wildcat where Mr. Cribs ( Pay that Man ) just ran all over our 3-4 scheme WOW!!,, However there were some highlights so at this time I want to give a special  Thank You to Brady Quinn, come on, give it up,  Mr. Quinn did everything in his power to help the Steelers win I don’t think they noticed his generosity.

Game points. Yes it was -14 with the wind chill last night, Yes they were on the road, Yes they needed a win and some help to get into the playoffs, & Yes it's the Cleveland Browns a easy win right?  Are you serious? the defending Superbowl Champs need help to make the playoffs for the second time in 4 years?..!!  Are You Serious?  This was a ugly loss last night they were cold and looked dead tired on the field..So please forgive my misquotes and this uninspired composition but I'm still tired from taking this game serious and watching it throughout its entirety.

As a TRUE fan I love the Steelers and I won’t jump off the ship I will see this season through and there's still 3 games of football left so true fans gather your note pads because it is officially "on the clock time" for the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers.