Mike Tomlin Is "Special," Not Special

spencer SzewczykContributor IDecember 10, 2009

PITTSBURGH - NOVEMBER 11:  Mike Tomlin, head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers watches play against the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field November 11, 2007 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers won 31-28.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

For those of you on Bleacher Report that have been defending Mike Tomlin this season, all I have to say is this:  THEY JUST LOST TO THE 1-11 BROWNS and scored a whopping six points!

Are you kidding me?  

There is nothing anyone can say to defend Tomlin anymore.  It's his roster, it's his coaches, it's his team and it's all his fault !

I've been on this guy since the Rooneys hired him instead of Whisenhunt.  He had absolutely no credentials and was a defensive coordinator for one whole season.  He didn't have enough experience and knowledge to be a head coach.  

His team fell apart down the stretch his rookie season, and his horrendous play-calling cost the Steelers a home playoff game.  We chalked it up to his inexperience.

He got a free pass last year because he won a Super Bowl, but deep down we started questioning Bruce Arians' inability to call plays and run the offense.  The running game fell to the bottom third of the league.  But YOU kept Arians around.

Now the shine of that Lombardi trophy looks pretty tarnished.  The Steelers got steamrolled.  Smashed.  Owned.  DOMINATED!

Tomlin's team didn't even show up.  He promised lineup changes, but on every play I saw, the same old faces missing tackles, missing coverages, and playing typical Tomlin football: undisciplined, listless, hopeless.

The only thing missing in this game was Cribbs going over to the Steelers sideline after yet another 20-yard run and having his way with Tomlin.  Not that anyone could have stopped Cribbs.  

Tomorrow, Tomlin will once again say it's his fault: yes, EVERYONE in America knows whose fault it is.  Taking responsibility is admirable but FIXING SOMETHING is so much more important.

In the military we have a saying: "Don't tell me, show me."  Don't tell me how you're going to make changes to fix this mess, JUST FIX IT!  But since Tomlin is incapable of of making hard decisions, let me offer some advice:

1) Fire Arians now.  Tomorrow morning.  Why let him go to the end of the season? The entire game against the Browns they brought the house and never once did I see a screen pass, a draw or a shovel pass.  As Deion Sanders just said, "The Steelers don't have an identity."

2) Waive William Gay.  He isn't even worth trying to trade or play in nickel and dime defenses.  

3) Put James Farrior on the bench.  He was a great player in his time, but his time has passed.  He's lost a step and continually got beat to the corner.  When's the last time Farrior made a splash play?

4) Play Keenan Lewis and Burnett.  The season is over.  We have to see if these rookies can play or if the organization needs to draft a cornerback in the first round.

5) Put Troy Polamalu on the IR.  There's NO REASON to bring him back now.

6) Tender your resignation.  Not since Kordell Stewart has someone been so singularly responsible for the horrid, putrid state of the Steelers situation.  

In closing, Tomlin, you just lost to the Browns, a team that hadn't beat the Steelers in six years.  They were 1-11!  

There is NOTHING you can do to put the pieces back together.  The Steelers are now the laughing stock of the NFL.  You are the new Barry Switzer of the NFL.  You won a Super Bowl with Cowher's team.  Congrats.  Now LEAVE!