Are These College Football Coaches Overpaid or Underpaid? You Decide

Joe LibrizziContributor IDecember 10, 2009

College football is more than a game—it's a business. A very lucrative business, to say the least.

Over the past decade universities have generated tens of millions of dollars from their football teams.

That leads me to ask, what coaches are overpaid or underpaid?


Charlie Weis, as we all know, was recently fired as head coach of Notre Dame. For five years of work Weis was paid an astonishing $4.2 million a season. He led the Irish to a poor 35-27 record and a horrible 16-21 record in his last three seasons without a victory against a ranked opponent.

Weis led the Irish to a 5-2 start in his first season and was given a 10-year contract extensions. What a joke that turned out to be. 

They lost to Syracuse last season on senior day, for crying out loud.

But the football team does generate tons of money for Notre Dame. 

Overpaid? Do I really have to answer that?


Texas Longhorns coach Mack Brown just signed a re-don-cu-lous contract through the 2016 season. Brown will be making $5 million a year with an annual raise of $100,000 per season. Not to mention he will make an additional $450,000 if Texas beats Alabama on Jan. 7 in the title game. 

Crazy? Yes.

Overpaid? Maybe, but at least the guy has results to back it up. Plus, the football program will haul in over $100 million this year for the university. No other school comes close. 


Boise State coach Chris Petersen was just named as a finalist for the Eddie Robinson National Coach of the Year Award. This guy's accomplishments in four years as head coach at Boise State are off the charts, and he should be mentioned in the same company as Mack Brown, Pete Carroll, and Nick Saban.  

A bold statement? Yes, but I believe after this season an argument can be made.

Peterson has a record of 48-4 in four season, not to mention three of which were undefeated regular seasons. Wow! Impressive. 

Boise State will face TCU in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 4 after winning their seventh Western Athletic Conference championship in the last eight years.

With all that being said, Peterson's contract is $900,000 a year. Not saying 900k is pocket change, but come on!

Underpaid? Yes, definitely.


Other Notable Salaries

Pete Carroll      $4,400,000

Nick Saban       $3,900,000

Bob Stoops       $3,800,000

Les Miles          $3,800,000

Jim Tressel       $3,500,000