The Fans Don''t Understand!?

GoldieContributor IIDecember 10, 2009

 As fans, we all have opinions. My old track coach used to tell me, “Opinions are just like butt-holes…….everybody has one!” However, just because we are fans with opinions doesn’t mean we don’t know football or that our opinions are without merit. Many of us are wondering the following about OUR TEAM.

1.     Why do we continue to draft “projects” and guys with great 40yd dash times instead of bona fide football players?

2.     Why draft a raw rookie QB, (whose more a pocket passer than a scrambler) if we weren’t going to TRULY fix the O-Line? And why didn’t we get a veteran QB to start and have JaMarcus come off the bench for 2 – 3 years while perfecting his craft? (This year was a recipe for failure)

3.     Darren McFadden is not a “between the tackles” runner like Fargas and Bush. Why don’t we play to his strengths and run more plays geared for him at this level?


4.     Michael Bush has the highest Yds/Att than all 3 of our HB’s. Why is he in the doghouse? (By the way…WE LOVE FARGAS!)

5.     Why doesn’t Nnamdi always cover the best receiver instead of just one side of the field?

6.     Kirk Morrison is not a good fit for MLB. He would be better suited for OLB. (strong side).

7.     When are we going to fix the trenches? That’s where the game is played. That’s where many games are won or lost. We need improved play from Center to RT. Seymour was a good pick up. Hopefully we can keep him and also address getting some run stopping DL so our LB’s won’t have as much trouble shedding blockers.

8.     Why isn’t Javon Walker on the field at WR more?

9.      Our starting WR core should be (1) Chaz (2) Louis (3) rotate Johnnie-Lee, Todd and Darrius with some intermittent McFadden.

10.  Tyvon is doing a great job, but when will Mike Mitchell get to lay some wood?