Jawgate Ends With a Win for Al Davis

Al's WingmanAnalyst IDecember 10, 2009

To just about everyone’s surprise, Randy Hanson went back to work for the Oakland Raiders—but not as an secondary coach.  He is assigned to the personnel department.

What this could mean is he works on player evaluations or some random paper pushing.  We don’t know exactly what his role is but the fact that he is back as an employee tells us Al Davis makes good on his original offer to Hanson.

This, despite Hanson allegedly hanging up on Al in a phone conversation.

This, despite Hanson initially refusing to cooperate with Napa police after suffering a broken jaw, and going back to the cops and spilling his side of the story with an attorney in tow.

This, after Hanson turns up the heat by going to the press, and maintaining the threat of a civil suit against Head Coach Tom Cable.

What it all boils down to is Al showing himself to be a master of persuasion by letting things simmer down a little and then solving the issue.

Not only has Al appealed to Hanson’s good sense and loyalty as a Raider, he has stonewalled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell from taking any decisive action against his head coach.

Let’s be clear on this point: Al could care less about Tom Cable as a person in this instance.  If the incident was severe enough, Cable just would have just been jettisoned to protect the integrity of the franchise.

It almost reached that stage.

The scenario was getting worse with allegations of domestic abuse against Cable.  Ugly accusations mysteriously appeared from Cable’s past.

Goodell was undoubtedly ruffled by this.  Protecting the integrity of the league is highest on his list of concerns.  In the mix is Al Davis with his highest priority of protecting the good name of the Oakland Raiders franchise.

I can guarantee you the conversation between Davis and Goodell ended with Al saying, “Let me handle this”

He brought Hanson in for a chat, appealed to his pride, possibly even boosted his salary (just my speculation) and resolved the issue.

Gone is the possibility of additional mud slinging towards the Raiders by way of the target on Cable’s back.

Don’t expect this to mean Cable’s job is still safe heading into the off-season.  It just means Al was successful in putting Jawgate to rest.

While Al is a flop at making top draft picks the last few seasons, hand it to him for being the master of his domain.

Well done Al, you still have it when it comes to the power of negotiation.