Texas Football Roundtable Chat: Dino Nicandros Q&A's

Dino NicandrosAnalyst IJune 18, 2008

1.) There was a position battle this spring at the running back position.  Most Texas fans see Vondrell McGee carrying most of the workload with Froswitt Whittaker splitting some carries.  How important are these two backs going to be and what do you think their production will be like?  Is a 1,000 yard season possible for McGee?

Losing Jamaal Charles was a huge blow.  I believe the tandem of Vondrell and Fozzy is key for Texas’ season.  If the O-Line becomes more consistent this year, I think both of these backs will have a chance to shine. 

Vondrell is a bruiser, while Fozzy is very shifty and elusive.  If McGee gets enough touches he will break 1,000 yards, but he will be working in tandem with Fozzy and Chris Ogobonnaya so it may be difficult.

2.) Texas' 2008 recruiting class is ranked 14th in the country by Rivals.com.  How pleased are you with this class and who do you think will be the impact players of the future from it?

I am very pleased with this year’s class.  Although there aren’t as many big names like in previous years, there is defiantly real potential.  Wide receiver Dan Buckner has the potential to be the next big time receiver at Texas.

3.) Texas opens the season with FAU, UTEP, Arkansas, and Rice.  Are there any non-conference games that scare you this year?

Arkansas…they always play nasty against us.  UTEP can light it up offensively and their home crowd could help get them fired up when the ‘Horns come to play.

4.) How realistic is it to think that Texas will win the Big 12 South over Oklahoma this year?  What will it take for this to happen?

I’d say Texas has a 50/50 shot to upend OU and claim the Big 12 South.  It depends on how fast the defense improves and how long it takes for our young skill players to develop. 

The potential is there for a 10-2 or 11-1 season.  This team is very young, but very talented and could surprise some naysayers come November. 

That being said, this schedule is brutal and it will take a lot of will power to plow through it.  9-3 seems logical…for now…