Tito Ortiz Vs Chuck Liddell 3: The Unnecessary Rubber Match

Javier E.Contributor IDecember 10, 2009

On December 5, 2009 during The Ultimate Fighter 10: Live Finale we witnessed Roy "Country" Nelson become the ultimate fighter, we heard from the "Immortal" Hulk Hogan about TNA's plan to go head on with WWE, but we also heard something I think none of us were expecting, We heard Dana White announce the Ultimate Fighter 11 coaches, Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddel.

 With this we all know what comes afterwards, Coach vs Coach meaning we will be introduced with the returning legend Chuck Liddel going up against Tito Ortiz.

 Now I'm good for these two coaching the Ultimate Fighter as both have proven to be great coaches. Both lead two men each to become the Ultimate Fighters. What I don't agree with is the Rubber match following the Finale.

 Tito is just coming off a serious loss to Forrest Griffin three weeks ago. Chuck Liddell hasn't been in the Octagon since his loss to "Shogun" Rua and has recently finished his role in the show "Dancing With The Stars".

 My problem is that with Tito already with a loss I would expect UFC would pit him against a fighter of lesser ability (not to say the fighter isn't talented) while same goes for Chuck. Liddell already has two consecutive loss's against Rashad Evans, and Rua "Shogun".

 Another loss would set him back much like it did to Tito when he loss to Griffin. We don't know if Chuck might've picked up some rust while his absence. Much like Tito, Chuck has been gone for close to a year.

 Whoever comes out winner I predict would most likely get a shot at Machida assuming "Shogun" gets his immiediate rematch. The loser would just fall down the ranks even further, For these two fighers, This bout has alot to gain but much more to lose.

I would love to see these two go at it one more time but given the situation both these fighters are in I just hate to see who will come out on top because I know the loser will suffer sevearly.

But what do you think about this rubber match?

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