The Fight That Never Happened and Had No Reason To

Alex WassermanContributor IDecember 9, 2009

Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko

Many people have said it would have been a epic battle between two of the greatest heavyweights to walk to planet. Some say it would have been close and would prove everything.

I beg to differ.

Randy has left the UFC numerous times and one time for one reason, to fight fedor. Maybe he thought that the comp was to weak or just wanted to prove he is the best fighter in the world. Fedor on the otherhand just let thing roll to him and didnt pursue the fight, but didnt reject it either because what had he to gain. In the end the fight didnt fall through because of many things including contract issues. I would acually love to see this fight happen but not to the extent some other fans wanted, because simply put, Fedor would win without breaking a sweat and there were many other heavies more deserving than Randy.

Reason 1- Fedor usually fights much larger heavyweights and still handles them pretty easily so if he would fight someone his own size, it would be like a scene from a horror movie.

Reason 2-Fedor was younger by several years than Randy and i know sometimes that experiance defeats youth, but when the other fighter possess both and these things, it's time to start worrying.

Reason 3-Randys gameplan is almost always the same, clinch and dirty box while sometimes going for the takedown and dishing out some ground n poundage. With Fedor, he couldnt impose his will and with Fedors large variety and energy, he would be overwhelmed.

Reason 4-Randys best wins at the time were over light heavyweights and long ago UFC stars. Fedor on the other hand already fought prime Crocop, Minotauro, Mark Coleman, Arona and many more while defeating them all while Randy lost many of those matches. If Randy can get knocked out by a lightheavyweight, than Fedor could also do it.

Reason 5- The matches that Randy loses are usually finishes which is what Fedor does best.

Reason 6- Fedor wouldnt be getting anything new from Couture that he didnt get from his other many fighters, while Fedor would be something Couture has never faced and Fedor could find sparring partners with Randys style while Randy couldnt find partners for Fedors style.

Reason 7- I know MMath is a sin but recently Randy lost to Minotauro, the man who Fedor crushed twice.

In conclusion i think Fedor would have probably gotten rid of Randy quick but its a fight that i would be partly interested in. But it would definetly not be the battle to determine the best Heavyweight or something that i would try to set up for years. Fedors got too many ways to beat Randy, while Randys got almost nothing.


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