Mizzou Football Roundtable Chat: Eric Hobbs' Q&A

Eric Hobbs@@E_HobbsCorrespondent IJune 18, 2008

1.) Looking at the 2008 recruiting class, it has to be a little disappointing that it only ranks fifth in the Big 12 according to Rivals.com.  Do you think that this recruiting class is a disappointment considering Missouri's new high expectations?

Missouri had the fifth best recruiting class in the conference, but Texas and Oklahoma are always going to have ridiculous classes, Nebraska has their tradition, and Texas A&M is like a poor man's OU or UT.  The 2009 class is shaping up to be a lot better than the 2008.  It's tough to be disappointed with the 2008 class, because half the class had committed to Mizzou before the 2007 season even started.


2.) We all saw Chase Daniel become a nationally known quarterback last year after he threw for 4,170 yards and was a Heisman finalist.  How realistic is it that Daniel actually wins the Heisman this year?

Mizzou would have to lose no more than one game, and Chase would need 40 TDs or more.  A few rushing TDs/yards would help as well. I expect he will get an invite, but there are lot of good players across college football.


3.) Wide receiver Denario Alexander just recently had surgery to repair his re-injured ACL.  He is not projected to be back in playing shape until the beginning of the conference season next year.  How much will this effect the Tigers as a whole?  How will this affect the stats that Jeremy Maclin will be able to produce with the defenses more able to focus on him?

Wes Kemp and Andrew Jones out of the 2008 recruiting class could both see the field, and Rolandis Woodland probably will as well.  No one can replace the 46'' vertical of Denario Alexander, but a combination of players could help.  Jared Perry had an excellent spring as well.

As far as Maclin, he's good enough that he will put up stats based on talent alone.  How the previously mentioned players develop, as well as how teams defend Chase Coffman, will determine how many yards, etc. Maclin has.


4.) Will the Tigers win the Big 12 North again this season?  What will be the biggest games in determining this?

Barring the unforseen happening Mizzou should win the North again. The biggest game determining the North will be the KU game at Arrowhead. In all honesty, it may be 2009 that is the year to watch this division, as Colorado is improving, Mizzou will be replacing Chase Daniel, half the defense, and possibly Jeremy Maclin, and Nebraska could improve.


5.) How realistic is it that we see the Tigers playing in a BCS bowl game come season's end?

I would be surprised if Missouri does not make it to a BCS bowl.  The schedule sets us up for AT LEAST 10 wins.  The games Mizzou fans are worried about most are the Texas game and the possibility of a rematch with Oklahoma in the title game. Also, after last year's BCS snub, some people may look to assure Mizzou a bid if they are in fact deserving.