American Soccer and How to Turn the Tables

jake clarkeCorrespondent IJune 18, 2008

It's not going well for the Americans when it comes to what is rightfully known as the beautiful game of football. But for you its called soccer so hey tomato tomato.

The 3 games have not been played to a standard which can compete with 3 teams which on their day can be world beaters.

The first problem as a football fanatic that I see is the goalkeeper. Personally Tim Howard is not the best choice there are other magnificent goalkeepers in the best league in the world. The one i would pick is Marcus Hahnemann. As a keeper he has shown strength, courage and passion for the game. This seems to be the only problem with the individuals.

The team do not seem to be as one. A unit. A full package. During the England game every player on the field apart form Brian Mcbride might as well have had their heads in the ground they were so low. The pressure applied by the team was non- existent and teams were strolling through waving as they went passed.

Acknowledging that this is not Americas most loved sport I think if more effort was put into it as in kids were introduced to this and made aware its a good sport to get into then the team would have mass improvements. We Brits live it, Breathe it, Eat it, Sleep it and O.K. we don't have the best team in the world but we're up there. Every town in England you are guaranteed to see goal posts and kids playing football. So unless this starts happening There's a slim chance of America improving.

One idea not to use is bringing in other tpes of sportsmen to play the game. Learn from us. Castleford Tigers rugby club used the sprinter Dwayne Chambers as a hooker and it didnt work he was awful, he was that bad he didn't get to play.

The fact of the matter is if the sport is not encouraged and made to seem a good investment of time then the sport will go no where. With a little money added and the encouragement then America can turn the tables and come back.