Switzer To Coach Sooner Greats Again, This Time For The Troops

Logan RogersCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2009

15 Oct 1995:  Head coach Barry Switzer of the Dallas Cowboys during the Cowboys 23-9 win over the San Diego Chargers at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, California.  Mandatory Credit:  Al Bello/Allsport
Al Bello/Getty Images

    It's true!

    The bootlegger's son will once again hit the field as a head coach with some of his former players, including Brian 'the Boz' Bosworth, Joe 'little Joe' Washington, and Tony Casillas.

    This time though, the game won't be held at Owen field, or even in the U.S. 

    The game will be played in Iraq, at a USO event tabbed as the 'Salute the Troops Bowl', the date and location have not been released for security reasons.

    The event will take place between Dec. 27th (Switzer's arrival in Kuwait), and Jan. 4th, when highlights of the game will be shown at halftime of the Fiesta Bowl.

    "I've never been (to the Middle East), I'm looking forward to it". Switzer mused, "American soldiers, they love college football. We're taking a bowl game to them."

    What a nice gesture by college football, and great show of support for the Troops, who will maybe get a chance to get their minds of the war.

    If only for a short time.

    The soldiers will also have a tailgate party and pep rally before kick-off to get the game atmosphere started.

    Other former players to make the trip are Nebraska's two time (94,95) National Championship quarterback Tommie Frazier, Tennessee 98 title signal caller Tee Martin, Heisman winner Ty Detmer of BYU, Hall of Famer Bruce Smith of V-Tech, Georgia stand-out Garrison Hearst, and Notre Dame speedster Rocket Ismail, others may be named later as they sign on.

    The opposing coach for the meeting will be Tommy Bowden, former Clemson Tigers head coach and son of Bobby Bowden, who's outgoing personallity can only be eclipsed by Barry's own manic disposition.

    The teams will be decided on location, and will also include selected military personnel, although I would guess the former Sooner greats will find themselves on Switzer's side of the field.

    The days of 'hangin half a hundred' and wishbone sets may be long gone from Norman.

    But for one day atleast, OU fans can tune in to watch maybe the greatest college football coach ever take to the gridiron one more time, and think back to glorious days past in the proud and storied history of Oklahoma football.

    If only for a short time.