Granderson Dosent Mean There Wont Be a Happy Halladay In New York

Dave MilazzoContributor IDecember 9, 2009

DUNEDIN, FL - FEBRUARY 22:  Pitcher Roy Halladay #32 of the Toronto Blue Jays poses for a photo on media day during spring training at the Bobboy Mattix Traing Center February 22, 2008 in Dunedin, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
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Cashman Claus is at it again! Just because the Yankees gave New York a present in center field doesn’t mean there won’t be a gracious gift in the rotation as well. With a move I really like from all three teams point of view, I think another block buster could be in the works for the 27 time world champions.

Now let’s analyze what the Yankees gave up in their trade for Granderson.

Austin Jackson. He was unproven and needed another year or half year of seasoning in the minors and his ceiling that was projected to be as good as Granderson is right now. Plus he never even played to see how he would do in the lights of New York.

Ian Kennedy was a decent starter who didn’t have as good as stuff as many young pitchers the Yankees already posses and he was shaky in his brief stint in the majors for the most part.

Coke was a good bullpen guy but was expendable for the Yankees. The Yankees will try to fill this void through either Free agency, the farm system, or maybe trade their rule 5 draft pick for a kid. 

I like the move for a possible 35 HR, 20 SB guy, who plays good in the outfield, will be hitting a ballpark designed for his swing and in a lineup where he is ONLY an after thought.

That being said the Yankees still hold some valuable chips. I have read the Jays are very high on catching prospect Jesus Montero. Now my initial reaction to the Yankees giving up Montero was” what an idiotic move! Why would you give up a great catching prospect when you have an aging catcher like posada?”There are actually some very good reasons though.

The Yankees have many other young talents catching in their system such as Cervelli, Romine, and Murphy. Also many believe that Montero would not be able to be a solid backstop in the major leagues with his glove. The Yankees have no way of putting him at first and with Teixeira and a great defensive catcher would aid them more in the long run I think.

Another chip being flirted with is Hughes or Joba. Now I think both are relievers and should be if the Yankees get Halladay. They have well proven they can make it in the majors and even under such scrutiny as New York. So that being said I’d rather take Joba in a setup role over Hughes, but both will be very good talents and either could take a closer role when Mo has to shut it down.

The Jays I'm sure would take either of these guys with open arms. My feeling is that they will want Hughes. But if the Yankees give up one of these guys it is worth it for the best ace in the game. I don’t think the Yankees would and can give up both of these talents. Yes the return is great but both of these guys seem on track to have good if not great careers. I don’t think it’s worth it to give up both young talents on a 4-6 year return.  

The Blue Jays are going to ask for Melky or Gardner. The Yankees can and should give one of these guys up if that is the case. They can always resign Nady or Damon or both if they part with Melky. Both Melky and Gardner could be good players in this league and are proven on the major league level. I doubt the Yankees will send both of these players with their lack of youth in the out field.  

The Blue Jays I'm sure are going to ask for more then that and I'm sure a bidding war will commence with either Boston or Philly or both in that matter. So other prospects like Aceves or Miranda could be thrown in.

They will probably ask for the likes of Ramiro Pena. If they do the Yankees will have to peruse a good utility infielder. The blue jays will defiantly ask a trade partner to take Vernon Wells of their hands. I doubt the Yankees will go for this seeing as how Cashman wouldn’t want to take on Halladay’s contract in his extension and a 100 million dollar dopey corner out fielder.

The prospects the Yankees would give up this offseason don’t seem to be too costly for what you are getting in return. An ace that has 4-6 great seasons left in him and a good center fielder who is only 28.

With these moves the Yankees will have too sign another bullpen guy to make up for Coke and who ever else goes (Aceves, Hughes, etc). Watch for them to send offers at Gregg, Gonzalez, Oliver or other good relievers.They would also have to sign Damon or Nady at this point.

Another factor is how high the Red Sox will be willing to go. Will they give up Casey Kelly or Daniel Bard along with Anderson and Buchholz? If so they can probably out bid the Yankees. But for right now the Red Sox are very tentative to give them up and may look towards Lackey or pull of a lesser trade of sorts.

It is very hard to guess what the Yankees have up their selves but if the deal is completed they will be, baring injury, ridicules to compete with. With a staff of C.C, A.J, Halladay, Pettitte (who just signed a one year deal), and Guadin, Wang, or a lesser free agent, the Yankees staff will be damn near unhittable.

Even if the Yankees decide to pull the plug on this deal expect Lackey, Harden, Duchscherer, and Marquis to be thrown contracts at.

Look for a deal like this to happen if indeed one does

-Yankees would receive: Roy Halladay

-Jays get: Hughes, Montero, Melky/Gardner, Alfredo Aceves/Ramiro Pena