Dallas Needs Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki Needs LA

Max FischerCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2007

Icons Sports Media

One player has a winning history and star power, but lacks substance...

The other player is all substance, but seriously lacks the star power...

One owner is all flash and drama and is trying to jump-start a downtrodden franchise...

The other owner is an institution with a proven track record...

One coach is a novice with a lot of talent who lacks experience and struggles to understand his unorthodox player...

The other coach is a legend with countless rings and the ability to craft a winner...

Somewhere in the midst of all this is a match made in heaven.

I think the Dallas Mavericks need to trade Dirk Nowitzki to the LA Lakers for Kobe Bryant. The Mavs are too conventional for their ultra-unconventional star.

The way Avery Johnson plays Dirk is like a coach playing Magic Johnson like Tim Duncan. Magic got a coach fired for trying to do that.

If Dirk were smart, he'd have done the same.

Mark Cuban put the Mavs in a corner. Dirk desperately needs a low post offensive presence playing with him. People don't realize it, but Dirk is like a super-guard—and guards need to be paired with inside presences to be at their best.

This is why Steve Nash looks so good on the Suns—he and Amare Stoudemire complement each other perfectly.

For Dirk to be his best he also needs this inside presence, but the Mavs have no way of getting one now. The only way to get one is through the draft. Cuban has just been trading garbage for garbage since he bought the team.Icon

The biggest problem is that Dirk doesn't get the respect other stars get, and neither does his game.

This is why he needs LA—a huge market where his brilliance will be recognized.

It's also why Dallas needs a player like Kobe.

The Mavs could use the superstar to get this downtrodden franchise over the hump. They need a player who has what Kobe has—clout. 

What's more Mark Cuban is willing to break the bank—and Kobe could draw the big-name free agents Dirk doesn't.

This is why this trade is so perfect: It gives both parties exactly what they need.