The Devil's Advocate: Why The NBA Finals Were A Disappointment

Aaron KeelSenior Analyst IIIJune 18, 2008

The NBA Finals are over and I believe congrats are in order.

No, not for the Boston Celtics, who captured their 17th NBA crown. Not that they don’t deserve their due but my dislike for all Boston sports teams and their obnoxious fans prohibits me from giving it to them.

No, my praise is reserved for those who truly deserve it.

Us, the ones who endured through 6 games of the worse basketball I have ever seen.

Seriously, what happened?

This was the Finals we had all been waiting for right?

Lakers versus Celtics.

A great rivalry renewed an instant classic.

Hey, at least it’s not Spurs and Pistons.

At least that’s what the hype machine told us.

There were all these interesting subplots.

Would Kobe Bryant cap off his MVP season with a title and cement his status in the NBA elite?

Would the “Boston Three Party” bring that 17th banner to the NBA’s version of Titletown?

Could Phil Jackson get his record 10th title as a coach and in the process pass Celtic legend Red Auerbach by beating his beloved team?

Let me tell you, after watching the Lakers and Celtics struggle through 6 horribly played games I could care less about subplots.

These were the two best teams in the league?

This is the best they could do?

If it is then I’ve got news for David Stern, forget about Tim Donaghy you’ve got bigger issues.

I know the Finals got great ratings but the NBA blew it plain and simple.

The NFL gave us Super Bowl XLII, the NHL gave us a great Stanley Cup Finals, golf gave us an unforgettable U.S. Open, hell even horse racing gave us Big Brown.

The NBA was supposed to put themselves in that category with a NBA Finals featuring the league’s most storied franchises.  Show everyone that is something better then the Spurs and Pistons slugging through Finals after Finals.

Instead we got what?

Laziness (Lakers), offensive sloppiness (Both teams but mostly the Lakers), over-exaggerated injuries (Paul Pierce) and a title clinching blow out that most people west of the Mississippi had stopped watching by the middle of the 3rd quarter.

And the superstars that were supposed to dominate the series?

Only series MVP Paul Pierce could claim he had a good series but no one can claim they had a great series. Kobe had great quarters but no great games, Kevin Garnett was off for almost the entire series, and Pau Gasol may be the most hated man in Los Angeles right now for his weak play.

The best game of the series?

I’ll take game 1 for best of worst honors. If you said Boston’s historic comeback in game 4 you are sadly mistaken. (Although if you are a Celtics fan I’ll let it slide.) Game 4 was the series in microcosm. The Lakers looked great for a half while the Celtics couldn’t make a bucket and then the Lakers let laziness and incompetence cost them the game and in my opinion ultimately the series.

That wasn’t a great game that was an embarrassment.

Did any of the Finals games even come close to matching the Spurs 117-115 double overtime thriller over the Suns in game 1 of their first round series?


Now can you tell me exactly why I would watch the Finals next season if this was the best the NBA could do?


So while I’m sure the NBA will be reveling in the spoils from this year’s Finals they may want to remember that it won’t be the Lakers and Celtics every year.

Even if it was they better hope they’re not repeats of what we just witnessed or they may be forced to change their motto.

Something like.

The NBA Finals-Don’t Worry It’s Almost Over.


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