Kenny Florian Holds a Razor-Sharp Advantage Over Clay Guida

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IDecember 8, 2009

Some of you may be thinking, "Of course he holds an advantage over Clay Guida. He has been in wars with some of the UFC's premier lightweights, guys like Sean Sherk, Din Thomas, Joe Lauzon, Roger Huerta, Joe Stevenson, and B.J. Penn."

Despite having fewer fights under his belt than Guida during the same time frame, there is no doubt that Kenny Florian is favoring the experience edge.

He also holds an advantage as the better all-around fighter, comfortable in nearly all facets of the game, but this isn't the razor-sharp advantage that the title alludes to.

Florian's distinct advantage unexpectedly comes from Guida's advantage, if that could possibly make any sense.

It is well known that Clay "The Carpenter" Guida is a well-lubed, wrestling machine and if he wants the fight to hit the mat, it will happen.

Once on the ground, Guida's solid base and relentless pace usually leaves a frustrated grimace on his opponent's face. His defense against submissions against well-versed jiu jitsu practitioners usually turns the frustration into aggravation.

So how exactly does Florian hold an advantage in this area?

Take a look back at the epic fight between Clay Guida and Diego Sanchez. Despite scoring numerous take downs, Guida struggled to move past the guard. As time progressed, the top of Guida's head gorged itself into a bloody state with Sanchez's elbows.

Has the light bulb above your head lit up yet?

Guida struggled to pass the guard of Sanchez, who is an owner of a respectable brown belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. However, brown belts aren't exactly up to par with the black belt that surrounds the waist of Florian.

His take down defense might not be the greatest in a division filled to the brim with wrestlers, but once Florian is on his back, he becomes much more dangerous.

Fighters try to overwhelm him with brute force, but they usually wind up being swept into a disadvantageous position, or even worse, into a fight-ending submission.

Still, this isn't the razor-sharp advantage that Florian holds over Guida. Those skills will be difficult to utilize against Guida's strong wrestling, as it's very tough to find Guida slipping when he has top control.

The razor-sharp advantage can be found in the katana-like elbows that Florian is well known for. Like his jiu jitsu, Florian's elbows are a notch above the ones that Sanchez blasted Guida with.

The fight will find it's way to the ground, with Guida likely being the man on top. Once here, "The Carpenter" will likely struggle to move past anything higher than a half-guard due to Florian's experience in grappling.

Eventually, Guida will be sliced open from multiple razor-sharp elbows, similar to his fight with Diego Sanchez. As the river of blood flows from the open wound, Florian can use his superior jiu jitsu to out-grapple the slippery Guida.

Drawing inspiration from his inner samurai, Florian will undoubtedly wield his greatest weapon against Guida, his razor-sharp advantage, his blood-inducing elbows.