Now This Is What I Call Senior Day, Tim Tebow!

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIIDecember 8, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - NOVEMBER 7: A fan of the Florida Gators supports quarterback Tim Tebow #15 during play against the Vanderbilt Commodores  on November 7, 2009 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)  *** Local Caption ***Tim Tebow
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

You won't play TCU, Urban Meyer?  Afraid the Spitting Lizards will stain your altar boy white unis?

I'll forgive you.

Just offer the BMOC as a sacrifice.

I challenge your fiery leader Tim Tebow to one run. 

Your Tim has the ball. 

Bleacher Report's Tim stands between two tackle dummies. 

If Tebow scores, all is forgotten.  If McGhee stops him, well, TCU could have not done as much damage.

Sound fair?  I think you should do more research.


Everyone knows everything—and I mean everything —there is to know about Tim Tebow.

Heisman.  Philippines.  Leader of men.  Dreamboat.  Will cry on command, even without watching the football classic film Brian's Song.

Well, here's the skinny, so to speak, on the dummy between the dummies.

5-10, 240, with about 20 pounds of it cantilevered off the front of my gut.

53 years of age, old enough to know better, but obviously does not.

Last time wearing football gear: 1973, All-County d-lineman at 180 pounds deep in the coalfields of West Virginia, suffering only one concussion and two broken noses.  My headgear had canvas suspension insides to make it ultralight and me knockout-prone.  They don't make them like that any more.  It's too damned dangerous.

Recent workout history: a) three mile speed walks, b) can perform three sets of eight overhead press reps with 135 pounds on a regular basis as well as other upper body weightlifting exercises, and c) an occasional Zumba.

All-time favorite sports book: Meat On The Hoof by the late Gary Shaw.  In fact, this tackle dummy drill to which I am challenging Mr. Tebow is outlined in the chapter during which Mr. Shaw discusses "shit drills," Darrell Royal's prime method for running off the undesirables at Texas.

Mental state: diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, making me a bona fide manic depressive.  Makes sense...I am a published football writer.  I will suspend medication a week before The Hit.

Location, location, location: my back yard in Charleston, West Virginia.

Date: ASAP.  Not soon enough.  Pride plus desire equals champions.

Music: AC/DC's "Back In Black", then Journey's "Stone In Love."

Media Coverage: b/r and iPhones of my wife and my older daughter.

Over/Under: Mr. Tebow's cleats over my back, pain under estimated.

Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic...last rites requested.