Dallas Cowboys Lose Again in December and it's All Flozell Adams' Fault

Angel MelendezCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2009

Within that last few years, it seems that there are three things that happen every December in the NFL.

1. Brett Favre starts throwing interceptions. 

2. The San Diego Chargers start playing like the team everyone picked in August to go to the Super Bowl.

3. The Dallas Cowboys forget how to win after starting strong. 

Typically fans can aim one (choice) finger at the guilty trifecta of saboteurs: Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips (or whatever lackey he has in place, excluding Bill Parcells who can do no wrong), and Tony Romo (or any other quarterback not named Troy Aikman.)

Romo in particular has been the recipient of some serious abuse; sometimes deservingly so, sometimes not.

Personally, sober or working on a third bucket of Miller Lite's, I've been known to tear down Tony Romo as a quarterback, a man, and a human being. I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I get carried away. 

Not this time though. In Sunday's loss to the Giants, Romo did everything he could to win the game: 41-of-55 for 392 yds and three TD's. It was a superb effort that fell just short. 

But there must always be someone to blame because that's the game we play. This week's winner falls to: the entire organization.

The play calling was questionable yes, Romo's numbers indicate that offensive coordinator Jason Garrett abandoned his running game entirely too early, but X's and O's have nothing to do with what I'm referring to. 

Flozell "The Roach Motel" Adams does.

In a modern sports era of class acts filled with cheaters (McGwire, A-Rod, Pete Rose), criminals (Tyson, Ugueth Urbina, Time Donaghy) and cry babies (T.O., A.I.), perhaps cowards should be added to this exclusive list miscreants. If so, the 6-7, 338 lb. Adams and his underhanded antics would be at the top of that list.

This past Sunday, Adams pushed DE Justin Tuck in the back after a missed Cowboys field goal just before halftime. It was a punk move that merits immediate suspension. Alas, the NFL doesn't agree and will presumably only fine Flozell  thus allowing this idiot back onto field. 

It's not as if this his first infraction this year .

Adams has already been fined $25,000 for infractions in the first three games this year: $5,000 unnecessary roughness vs. Tampa Bay, $12,500 for a trip and attempted trip vs. the New York Giants and $7,500 for kicking Carolina's Julius Peppers. (Dallas News)   

This is a surprising move considering Sheriff Goodell's usual hard line stance on player conduct. Apparently only off the field infractions count. You know, the ones where no one is looking and it isn't broadcast on a nationally televised game. 

When a team still employs a player who pulls garbage like this and still expects to win, it becomes a joke to see such an organization that's so delusional. This goes beyond poor play, like perennial revolving door, C Andrew Gurode completely whiffing on a blitz pick up this past week, allowing Giants CB Aaron Rouse a free shot and subsequent sack of Tony Romo

This even goes beyond the former antics of one-man-media-circus Terrell Owens whose time with the 'Boys generated some of the funniest TV since Bob Saget and America's Funniest Home Video's introduced the world to videotaped testicle injuries (funny every time unless you're the victim).

I hereby call upon owner Jerry Jones to cut this gutless, spineless, and ultimately brainless excuse for a football player. Hell, it's not like he's even good! He's one of the most penalized players in the NFL and has been for years . He drives the Cowboy's offense backwards almost as much as opposing defenses.

Once Dallas rids itself of Adams, whose been more of a curse to the Cowboys than the Hope Diamond was to all its deceased owners, Big D can finally lift its own December curse and finally make the run at the play-offs like this talented team deserves.