Changes Needed In UFC After Lackluster TUF 10 Final

Margus LCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2009

Number 1: Bring in the glass cage! That's the future - I saw it in Babylon A.D. (the movie wasn't that good - but I had fun time figuring out the title as I thought it was starred by Clive Owen, but it was probably ripped from one of his previous performances as The Driver)

Why: Because it helps to avoid all kinds of ill-fated mishaps like Abe Warner on TUF 10 ripped his head open, or getting your leg stuck under the barb wire. Plus - it avoids all kinds of cheating techniques like grabbing the fence (Brendan Schaub), holding the top of the fence (Tito)

Number 2: It's time to create a "loser's round" in TUF series - where the guys who have lost will not just stick around the house doing nothing - but prepare to duke it out for 2nd/3rd place. I don't know about you - but I would have liked to have seen how guys like Demico Rogers or Wes Shivers would have fared given a second chance.

This also means that you should have at least 2 fights per show, and to make sure those are quality fights - all fighters who are in the house must have had elimination match to get into the TV show (as in the past few season before TUF 10)

So now for the reason why I called the finale lackluster: I think the main reason is that I got too spoiled by watching K1 Heavyweight Grand Prix before this - other than Roy Nelson's stunning KO it didn't have much comparable, and of course UFC commentator's does not stand a chance against the Michael Schiavello.

Number 3: Jon Jones situation: Dana White, seriously how hard would it be to put up a big poster with all the illegal moves to the locker room exit? That fight really put into perspective Gracie's saying of better man not winning but winning the guy who rules.

I'm not even going to say anything about Kimbo, other than that I'm happy that fellow Miamian got a W in the UFC. Peace!