What If #2: What If Vince Russo Never Left WWE For WCW

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 8, 2009

By now I'm sure everyone knows that Vince Russo is behind TNA's creative team.  He has done a decent job lately shaking things up and pushing different guys, but he hasn't always performed so well.

Vince Russo was at the helm of the WWE during part of the monday night wars.  He contributed to the success of certain people like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, to name a few.  He later went to WCW where he touted these accomplishments as if he were soley responsible for their success.

As time went on, you could clearly see that Vince Russo was changing WCW drastically.  He had a different approach to the process than Eric Bischoff, which at first was a good thing as Bischoff was driving the company down.

Once Russo Re-booted WCW by having all the titles vacated I knew I was witnessing the end of WCW.  By vacating every title, it made the belts look worthless.  The people who had worked hard for their spots were being stripped of their gold for no reason other than to mix things up a bit.

Vince Russo no longer had Vince McMahon to filter his bad ideas from his good ones, and eventually WCW became a laughing stock.  Feuds between guys like Hogan and Kidman were happening and it made for some poor television.  I sometimes wonder what it would have been like had Russo never left WWE, or at least never ended up in WCW.

If Russo was never in WCW would it still be around?  Probably not as they were already heading towards the end of the road with Bischoff running the show.  The NWO gimmick had worn out and the several incarnations that came afterwards were less and less entertaining each time.  It is a shame that WCW had such great talents like Hennig and Hart towards the end of their careers and did nothing with them to showcase their talents.

Would WCW have gone out of business sooners had Russo never come in?  I can say with certainty that Russo ariving boosted the company for a short time so, yes I think WCW would have died out sooner had it not been for Russo. 

At some point I think people only tuned in to see how crazy the show would be that week.  The point I knew it was over was when Russo began appearing as an on screen character.  his persona was close to his real life attitude and it was clear he was not meant for television.

Would WCW have gotten someone better than Russo to book the shows?  This is something I have wondered about a lot.  If someone with more wrestling knowledge had taken over instead of Russo I think WCW could still be here today.  They had a huge bank of talent and did nothing with them. 

It seemed as if they were trying to push too many guys at once, if someone like Bret Hart or Curt Hennig had been given the booking position it might have brought WCW back to being a great wrestling company, maybe.

My conclusion is that while Vince Russo may have helped WWE win the ratings war, he helped kill WCW.  He is doing OK in TNA right now but with Hogan claiming he is in charge of all booking, that could change soon.  Hogan stated recently that writers will take a back seat to booking, and if they can't work with it then they can go to WWE where everything is scripted.

What do you think, did Vince Russo kill WCW, or simply postpone the inevitable