College Football Results; Regular Season Finale

Edwin BearContributor IDecember 8, 2009

That's Tim Tebow in the picture.  It was taken in the locker room after the Alabama loss.

The regular season is over, well except for the Army vs. Navy game, and I hope you didn’t bet based on the spreads I took.

I finished the regular season 22-28 (.440) picking spreads and 33-17 (.660) picking winners. 

I started doing this because I’ve always been good at predicting the correct outcomes of games and I wanted to keep track on how well I’d do this season while giving a line or two on my thoughts about each game. 

Well, I found out that college football’s one of the hardest sports to predict.  I’m good at picking winners but below average at predicting spreads where it literally matters most because that’s where most people put their money.   

Hopefully you didn’t put your money where my mouth is because that would have cost you! 

It’s been a fun season and I’ll be back in about a week with my bowl game predictions.

Here’s how it went this week… 

Picking Spreads: 1-3

Season Spreads: 22-28

Picking Winners: 1-3

Season Winners: 33-17

What I Learned This Week

-         Cincinnati owns Pittsburgh in all ranks of football this season.

-         Houston’s as over rated of a team as they come.  They should play USC in the most over rated teams bowl.  By the way, how the hell is USC still ranked after losing to Arizona?!

-         Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh could help a lot of NFL teams’ defensive fronts right now.  He almost single handedly shut down Texas, one of the best offensive teams in college football, and Colt McCoy, one of the best college football quarterbacks ever.  Suh proved he deserves the Heisman Trophy more than McCoy in their one on one battle. 

-         Suh and Stanford’s Toby Gerhart proved week in and week out that they are the two most valuable players in college football.  Without them neither of their teams would be ranked.  Alabama’s Mark Ingram had a great year too but he had an off week every now and then.  The Heisman Trophy should go to either Suh or Gerhart but I’m sure it will go to Colt McCoy because he’s the only quarterback of the big three (Tebow, Bradford, McCoy) who hasn’t won it yet.

-         Tim Tebow plays football like a 10 year old.  He loves the game putting everything he has in it but if things don’t go his way he cries his eyes out until his daddy can come give him a hug and take him out for ice cream.