Fashion at Penn State Football Games

Abby Kreisher KreisherContributor IDecember 8, 2009


Fashion at Football Games


            “WE ARE… PENN STATE! WE ARE… PENN STATE!” Pennsylvania State University’s cheer is heard booming over Beaver Stadium, with the number one student section in the nation leading the rest of the crowd. The passion for football, school spirit, and a common energy propels Penn State’s student section to the top, a central part of that section being the fashion.

            The Football game must be dressed for with a certain look always kept in mind. The basic attire at least must be worn, consisting of a jersey or a Penn State shirt in either blue or white with jeans and sneakers or Uggs, for the female student. Penn State colors ought to be represented as well as the Penn State logo, for school pride is a serious matter.

            On occasion students take their school spirit to the next level, this involves the act of body painting. The proper etiquette to body painting must be enforced. Students ought to paint their skin white and then draw a blue letter on their stomachs. They will then stand in a line cheering and the letters will spell out something to idea of “Go PSU” or “Joe Paterno”. It is imperative to remember however that girls must wear a sports bra when partaking in this activity.

            The more extreme students take their fashion choices at the game to even another height. If one chooses to do this they cannot hold back. They have got to really make a statement with their outfit. Costumes that indeed do this are the storm trooper suit and the full-bodied spandex. The suitable attitude when in a costume is animated and energized. To forget that would simply be a tragedy, for the enthusiasm these outfits bring is hard to match.

            The White Out and now more recently the Code Blue are two themes taken very seriously at Penn State games. Students are expected to wear strictly white or blue, depending on which was chosen. Protocol requires that during these games all of the student section match, the effect being an intimidating sight. One must follow this idea of wearing the same color, but then really has free reign to expand upon it.

            The weather is something that the student section is not protected from at the football games, so one is obligated to dress accordingly. When it rains the plastic poncho is necessary, it keeps students dry, and thus warmer. The Poncho has to be worn properly, the last element of the outfit, being worn on top, with the hood being employed so it does not catch water. When the weather turns cold jackets and sweatshirts must be utilized to their full effect. Layering is simply vital to keep one warm. Students must take time to dress properly for the weather before heading out to the customary tailgates.

Creativeness and unity depict Pennsylvania State University’s student section’s style. The crowd works together in both clothes worn and energy expelled to inspire each other and the football team.