Are The Expectations Too High On Black Qb's Coming Out Of College?

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 Are The Expectations Too High On Black Qb's Coming Out Of College?
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  Last season was a magical year in the NFL, Oh boy didn’t you enjoy the show of poise and leadership displayed by Joe Flacco and yes even Matt Ryan it seemed that they were the two most comfortable players on the field every Sunday last year why Matt Ryan didn’t even get his hands dirty in a game at Tampa last year...  Now let’s take a look at two other QB's that recently came out of college but with much more hype surrounding their abilities. Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell. Ok Vince Young is a talented player one of the best I saw in college at that position but in the NFL --ah, Not So Much.  Jamarcus Russell,---didn’t he hold out for more money? Oh My God so he's paid too!!! WOW!, Only in America.....  Look these two were given a lot of money to come into their teams systems and perform well and other than Vince Young's ability to see the running lanes I would have to say that they BOTH have been bust in the NFL.

  Now with a year off Vince has come back and shown signs of growth & maturity PLUS much improved poise in the pocket but he’s still learning where as Jamarcus is as shaky as a bumper car ride at Six flags --to his defense this could be a Al Davis issue-- So I Ask you is there too much pressure being placed on black Qb's coming out of College? (I don’t think so.) Are the expectations too high for these kids?  (I don’t think so.) Are the Defense's too complex for these young kids to learn and adjust to in the NFL? (Again I don’t think so.)

  Go back to the beginning of this article and pick out the 1st two QB's that were mentioned Yes, they are both " white QB's " and I'm just being honest here when I say this but maybe the Young Black Kids don’t realize the magnitude of what has been put in front of him.  Many would liberally kill for the chance to play for ANY team in the NFL but for some reason the porch light wont come on. Hey, you’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy (College) it isn’t a right to play in the NFL it's a privilege.

For instance Michael Vick he even admitted that he  " didn’t take things serious"  but he is a natural talent so he was able to adlib for a while ( not to long though ) Even his brother Marcus Vick was a GREAT College player but we never got to see him under center in the NFL….Now, when the coaches make the playbook SIMPLE and honestly dumb it down for these kids I think it's a sign that they want them to succeed but when you can’t throw a fade to the corner of the end zone or complete a 10 yard out route to the sideline-- Jamarcus!!!!! then it proves that you are not the man for the job and nothing to do with the color of your skin..... Remember Akili Smith? He was suppose to be the Bengals savior  ”where are they now comes to mind" 


            Please note that no animals were harmed while composing this article.

                        ***Also not one mention of Ryan Leaf***

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