More Tiger Woods Drama: Mother-In-Law Rushed to Hospital From Golfer's Home

Ben GibsonSenior Analyst IDecember 8, 2009

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 15:  Tiger Woods of the USA plays an approach shot on the 18th hole during the final round of the 2009 Australian Masters at Kingston Heath Golf Club on November 15, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)
Scott Barbour/Getty Images

If it weren't reality, it would make one heck of a soap opera.

Tiger Woods has certainly had a winter of discontent and now the drama continues as Health Central Hospital reports that Barbro Holmberg, mother of Elin Woods, was rushed to the hospital this morning at 2:36 a.m. after complaining of stomach pains.  En route to the hospital she was put on "advanced life support" before being recently released.

According to reports, which one again are very vague at this point, "advanced life support" has to do with any kind of resuscitation efforts. 

The fact that Ms. Holmberg has already been released proves that whatever happened may not be as severe as the phrase makes it sound.  Nevertheless, it also means that the media fire is once again going to be stirred up in Windemere, Fla.

ESPN reports that a blonde woman, most likely Elin or her twin sister, followed the ambulance in a black Escalade, although statements from anyone in the Woods camp has yet to be released.

Obviously, more details will come throughout the day about what these new developments really mean.  What is crystal clear, however, is that this is the last thing Tiger Woods needed.

Woods had finally come to terms with the fact that he had to shun his veil of privacy and come forth about his "transgressions," even if the end result was humiliating. 

By opening himself up, he was purging himself of the media scrutiny and investigations so that everyone could eventually move on.

After all, as others have said, Woods is not the first nor the last major athlete to be unfaithful.  That does not excuse it, but it is reality.

Sports being the fickle reality that it is, the second Woods goes out there and starts bombing 300-yard drives, the story becomes the athlete and not the man once more.

However, this incident ruins his best laid plans.  Obviously, a mother-in-law's health concerns does not have same sizzle and scandal of extra-marital affairs.  On the other hand, it welcomes the mass media to once again pry into the world of Tiger Woods and open up old wounds.

Now, he will once again dominate the media headlines for reasons well off the golf course.  With news leaking out yesterday that a Florida trooper wished to seek medical records to find out if Woods was indeed driving under the influence only to be denied will once again gain steam as Woods become the center of Google headlines and ESPN coverage.

For Woods, the Masters cannot come soon enough.

We know that Woods is one of the toughest athletes mentally of all time.  His ability to handle pressure has been better than perhaps any other golfer ever.

We also know that other stars like Kobe Bryant actually thrived under the bright spotlight of accusations and drama when his case in Colorado coincided with the basketball season. 

Often, athletes can use their sports arena as an escape from the daunting outside world's perils.

Still, one must wonder just how much this ongoing covering will effect Woods going into a season where the majors seemed tailor-made toward a terrific 2010 campaign.

It will be interesting to see just how much Woods speaks about this new incident that has taken place once again in the wee hours of his home.   Certainly, now that the woman has been identified as his mother-in-law, Woods may simply choose to speak through his agent and continue to hide away hoping the media glare soon casts its gaze elsewhere.

If he does speak, though, maybe he should try a novel approach and show his face.  These well-prepared statements via a web site do not usually endear people towards you. 

Like it or not, Woods will need to do some rehabilitation towards his image sooner or later.  That begins with showing it.