Rangers Blow Early Lead Again! Red Wings Win 3-1

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2009

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 06:  The Detroit Red Wings celebrate the goal of Dan Cleary #11 in the third period against the New York Rangers on December 6, 2009 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

The New York Rangers hosted the crippled Detroit Red Wings last night.  In a game where there was little contact,  the ice for the most part was wide open. 

Despite  the fact that the Wings were playing with out their heavy hitters,  Niklas Kronwall and Andreas Lilja, and three of their snipers,  Johan Franzen, Valtteri Filppula and Jason Williams. The Red Wings did enough when it mattered the most and came away with a 3-1 victory.

If for some crazy reason you really thought the Rangers were up to the task to win last night. Let me know, I know a very good psychologist I can introduce you to!

So where do we start? How do you break down a game with so many mistakes?  I guess we have to look at the most important one first, coaching. John Tortorella has managed to keep me very busy this year with all his marvelous blunders.

The line of Brian Boyle, Chris Higgins and Artem Anisimov looked very good together. Late in the first period Boyle scores off a juicy rebound giving the Blue Shirts a one goal lead.  That was the last you saw of that line!  Tortorella saw the goal and said oh shit, we have to break that line up, can not have them scoring.  We might actually win this game and that is a big no no! 

Enver Lisin played awesome.  He had stole the puck, put shots on net, and even recovered his own rebound.  If Red Wing goaltender Jimmy Howard was not on his game, Lisin walks away with a hat trick. But Howard played beyond great.  Lisin showed speed and awareness throughout the game.  Showing that his ankle injury is no longer a problem. Who ever Tortorella paired him up with,  Lisin managed to make something happen.  Lisin played for a total ice time of 3minutes and 14 seconds.

There is something seriously wrong with this picture! There is no reason for Lisins’ minimal ice time.  He is one of their better players and playing a much faster Red Wing team, you would think some one as smart of Tortorella would want Enver on the ice.  He is just as fast as any of the Wings players. If you saw the game, it was the Wings speed that won this game for them. Chalk up another great move by the head coach.

The Rangers called up defenseman Ilkka Heikkinen and signed center Erik Christensen to try to help this poor excuse of a team out.  What is the sense of having them on the roster if they are just going to ride the bench.  Both players played more ice time then Lisin but not nearly enough time to show anything.  Heikkinen played for 8:57,  were as Christensen played for a total of 10;16.  They hardly controlled the puck and when Christensen did, he moved it very well, with clean crisp passes and played a pretty smart game.

P.A Parenteau who has been a spark for this team played a total of 5:21. Every time this guy is on the ice he earns it.  But yet Tortorella again, clueless or just determined  to prove just how much he sucks, has P.A riding the bench.  Oh wait don’t tell me, he didn’t skate full speed at the end of the period to go to the locker room!  This is becoming a circus if I ever seen one and Head Coach JOHN TORTORELLA IS THE CLOWN RUNNING THE SHOW!

Rozsival had the third most ice time with 22:34 and boy did it pay off.  The Rangers are down 2-1    Lundqvist rushes off to the bench to give the Rangers a 6 on 5 man advantage. That is when Rozsival shows what he is worth. Rozsival lets the puck get past him {well isn’t that a fucken surprise} and  Rosy takes down Tomas Holmstrom who is surrounded by 3 Ranger players, and who is nowhere near the puck, gets the interference penalty with 56 seconds left in the game.  OVER AND OVER again, Rozsival has cost the Rangers power plays and or the game.   Simply he could have stepped in Holmstroms way which would have allowed one of his teammates to regain the puck.  But no, he takes him down and with that gives the Red Wings the game.

Now it is not a definite that the Rangers would have scored.  The Rangers went 0_4 on the power play, while the Wings are ranked 30th when on the pk playing as the visitors.  Marion Gaborik had zero shots on goal and for the most part, Detroit controlled the Rangers and the puck when they were on the pk.  But the chance was their in the last minute and a half and Rosy penalty was a very costly one. AGAIN!

Defensively the Rangers started off ok.  But the Wings used their speed and skated right around them. Giving them great scoring opportunities which lead to two goals and the game.  With seven seconds left in the game, Kris Draper scores the Wings 3rd goal into the empty net.

I am getting to the point where I do not know what is more aggravating. Watching Tortorella pretending like he knows what he is doing and trying to justify it with his big talk and then watching the Rangers blow every game and doing the complete opposite of what Tort says. Or listening to these announcers try to justify what Tort is doing and the Rangers lousy play. This is just a tragedy when we have to listen to a couple of ass kissing announcers that can not even call it the way it really is.  Weather you are a writer, some kind of sport expert analyst or what ever. Be truthful and just call it like it is.  Just because you work for the MSG network does not mean you need to cover up the teams flaws and the coaches BS! IT IS GETTING OUT OF HAND.

For a team that has worked on their conditioning over the summer, it seems that the Rangers are losing it mostly in the third period.  Now I have played Football, basketball, baseball and hockey and there is really no comparison when it comes to training in these sports. You do not get a break when playing football. You are running and playing full contact for 3-4 hrs everyday. Baseball, training is a joke when it comes to conditioning.  You can not just go out running for a few weeks every other day and say you worked on conditioning. This is an everyday procedure in order to stay in top shape. This team looks no better then they did last year when it comes to third period performances!  Now who is the weak minded person here. The players from last year as Tort has said, or the coach that can not put together anything that he said he would do?

BOTTOM LINE…. Gaborik was shut down and held to zero shots on goal.  A few lines looked good and a few players looked better then others and rode the bench.  Tortorella , more than a quarter of the way into this season, is still clueless on what lines should be what.   Brian Boyle who scored the only Ranger goal only plays 4:44. What the hell is wrong with this picture.  I do not like Boyle at all. But he played very well when he was on the ice.  He scores, did we all miss something here?

Anisimov and Lisin played better then anyone out there. Yet Lisin sees no ice.  They bring in players to help this team, but yet they see minimal ice time. 

With the five players that were out for Detroit, the Rangers should have won this game.  Not taken anything away from Zetterberg and or one of the best centers in the league Pavel Datsyuk. But this was clearly a game that the Rangers needed to be more physical in , as well as keep their lines in tack. Neither was done and once again they lost.

Were size and toughness would have made the difference when it comes to stopping speedy forwards, again the Rangers had neither.  Is there any one else we can sign that we do not need.  Maybe we can call the Dinosaur Chris Chelios out of retirement to play defense. 

The Rangers have done nothing to improve this team and with the way Tortorella is running it. I don’t expect anything different this year.