Raw 12/6/09: Nothing Like a Cuban To Get Things Going.

Dale BurkeContributor IDecember 8, 2009

Cuban comes out of the stands to open the show. He really has a Mike Tyson complex doesn't he?Big Guy Tiny voice.

"Large and in charge All Night Long"

Show down between cena and Shamus.
Jericho vs  DX tonight
Miz vs Henry Us Title Match.

Cena is out time for the face off already. thats blowing your wa.... well you know what i mean. Nice 'lito vs Cena open the show.
Carlito starting the match on fire.  Bellas sitting ringside with Cuban. Carlito almost suffers an early AA. Cena is Bleeding. already. Cuban walking tough at Shamus. calls out security. security scares Shamus away. lito tries backstabber and cena delivers the AA winner cena in a squash if i were carlito id riot.

Slammy awards will tank if not for miller alone.  Kofi recap.
Orton in the ring. "I applaud you Marc for showing authority."
"I personally dont care who wins, because tonight you are going to lifting my Ban tonight."
footage is shown of randy downing cuban in 2003.
Cuban attacks the refs. the refs didnt have the guts to stop the match when the "Legends" came in and attacked kofi kingston. easy heat for legacy.  Cody Is getting better on the mic.

Evan and Primo vs Legacy right here right now legacy looks mad. sadly bound to be a squash but whatever. breaktime.  In from Break and Legacy is pwning Primo-Bourne. Back body as a counter to a punch thats new. legacy is still ahead of the game here. corner rebound heads collide both make the tag Evan takes it to legacy. legacy recovers with an assist by primo.  DreamStreet and a 3count earns legacy being ejected from the arena. genius. Highlights of the Number one contender's greatest feats since entering raw ending the career of noble hahaha this montage doesn't even come close to showing why Shamus is Championship Material.

I thought this red dead commercial said my name is john morrison my brother corrected me saying its Marsden.TLC promo wth is a chair match someone tell me please...

Kelly is in the ring. Hahahaha Maurice has made her epic return. Kelly steals some vintage Cole.  I love how Cole keeps implying Maryse disappeared due to depression after losing the Diva's title. Gail is out. Toronto Vs Quebec. Gail and Maryse are doing well. Gail's using quickness and aggressive behavior on the former divas champ. Gail going for her cross body gets a kick from maryse who gets a pin with both legs on the ropes now here i wonder how the ref didn't see that her legs were there calling for the bell.  Post match Maryse is mad Kelly forgot to say she is the next divas champ. Kelly not taking any bull from the former champ shoves maryse. a minor scuffle in front of cole and kings desk Melina comes out for the save.  well done. as horrible as kelly's acting is i think this match came off well it was a good in ring match and the post match gave some feeling to the ppv. of course that feeling is jees lock up already ladies the fans aren't getting any younger.  Break.

These DX Promos keep getting better and better.

More of no reason to Have Shamus in the title match at TLC. Yay.
Kofi is on his way to the ring he looks super high.
Back from break and Cuban Is horrible. it would be like me jumping into wwe trying to run things. he does look like a super fan regardless if he can call legacy by their actual names or not. Does kofi not look like will i am in wolverine origins. waiting for him to come to the ring in a cowboy hat. High flying Kofi to begin. Kofi doesnt really look like he was too injured from last weeks assault. Mark You Can't Whisper Your Count. Just saying.

Orton is in complete control. good match so far. Kofi definitely showing some wear on his body. Cuban makes rookie mistake not yelling at Randy for the hair pulling. Fast count By Cuban and Orton is Mad as Hell.  Nice Cuban calls for the Rubbermatch on Sunday night.

More of shamus this time the match that he earned his shot in. 

Mark Henry versus Miz next and the United States Title is On the Line.

Cleveland doesn't start playing better and  I am Sure the Miz will go back to being hailed from Parma. Miz tossed across the ring. Miz rolls out of the way of a  sit slam. Kick to the head. and Henry hulks up. Forearms by miz. Miz taking it to Henry on the outside. Miz off the top. cross body Henry holds him up lifting for the worlds strongest slam. miz ddts him to the mat for the three.Mark Henry doesn't even look like he can be mean. selling the head shots well.
Jeff Hardy dvd Promo.

wow time flies when you watch live. commercials still bite though. Masters is at ringside with Cuban. Haha King"If I still had a soul she could be my mate." Chavo and Jillian vs eve and "Swaggle" Distraction from chavo gives Jillian the upper hand. Single legged dropkicks by eve. not bad wrestling for everyone saying Jillian sucks. Flipping senton on Jillian by eve. after eve got her knees up. Eve wins with the three count. Post match the most awkward save in wrestling in a while. "You wont like Masters when his Pec's are Angry."

Masters pec's totally hulked up during that post match.
TLC Rundown. What is a chair match. bet you they wont say it. they tell you the rules for a tables match.
Looks like y2j vs Dx is next leaving the ho-down showdown for the closing segment.

Jericho is plugging the slammys and tlc. Plenty of bicep bands in memory of Umaga. I think i fell asleep twice during this promo. Marked out for the proper usage of the word troglodyte.

I think the tickets came with free Jericho sucks signs made in the style of 3rd grade marker masterpiece.
 Really want some crispy shrimp tacos from chili's.  KFC has adds saying their meals are better for you than  Subway grinders. Rey vs Batista in a street fight Friday. woo hoo.

Fans assaulted by glow sticks as per usual. Dx are going to learn the hard way next Sunday not to underestimate Chris Jericho. tag team format Shawn and Chris to start. double teams by DX dominating Jericho. Ref thrown into trips. Big show in attacking Shawn trips with a chair to show. show punches the chair into trips.  Micheal's grabs a ladder and Jericho baseball slides the ladder into Shawn.  full on assault by the champs  chair shot to the ladder with hunter and Shawn sandwiched in the ladder. Jericho up top of the ladder as Big show is standing on Shawn's skull.  good build up to Sunday.

Shamus and Cena are on their way out to the ring.  Shamus with velocity lighting and Cena with smackdown lighting as they walk down the same hall to the same curtain. hmmmm.

tribute to the troops saturday dec19.

Mark Cuban totally looks like a little kid playing with action figures. his expressions in his face make me expect him to be like "pew pew." mock arguing between cena and Shamus . "poom poom oh he dropkicks him." sorry went off on a tangent.

Ok so this whole championship showdown.  is a press conference style event. "I will do what cena took years to do and i will do it in weeks."  Giving Shamus plenty of talk time creative way to do it.  Crowd wants to hear cena. "No Comment" very good.
Cena has a question for Shamus.  Cena Believes in what he says.
Shamus punks out Cena.  Cuban shoves Shamus on his ass. Shamus Puts Cuban through the table the mavs are running Shamus to the back.

Overall this show was entertaining more so in the second hour than the first. I give this show a B- The key fueds for Raw were  built tonight with Unified tag title tlc match Kofi and randy got a bit of a rebuff. the divas built well and The WWE title Tables match as well as while ive been asking Why Shamus Vince threw me a curve ball and gave the kid the stick and he delivered when given the chance on the mic sure its hard to understand somethings Shamus says, but  next weeks 3hr slammy awards show is bound to show nothing better.  Best match of the night is hard to call i liked miz and henry it was creative and almost new, building miz as a viable champ. Eve and Jillian were good during their match and Gail and maryse were excellent as well. Best Match i think would have to be Jericho and dx it was a good match and a great ending leading into the pay per view. It has been nice the past few months having dx match up with other teams and not be so one sided.

the quicklist

  1. John Cena def Carlito
  2. Legacy Def Evan Bourne and Primo Colon
  3. Maryse def Gail Kim
  4. Kofi def Randy Orton
  5. Miz def Mark Henry
  6. Eve and Hornswaggle def Jillian and Chavo
  7. DX vs Jericho ends in No contest (I assume.)


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