Snap Count: Week 13 Ruminations

Phil BrennanCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2009

Snap Count's Week 13 observations:

ARI 30, MIN 17

The Vikings are who I thought they were; a pretty good, but not great team that plays in a weak division.  They have a look of a team that will be one and done come playoff time.

Vikings' linebacker E. J. Henderson leg injury was pretty disturbing.  However, the all time worst leg injury I've ever seen was the one suffered by former Raider running back Napolean McCallum on MNF.


NYG 31, DAL 24

It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic, but someone needs to pull Cowboy cornerback Terence Newman to the side and teach him how and why he needs to shed a block.  This isn't the first time I've witnessed Newman doing a 30-yard backpedal while locked up with a wide receiver as the ball carrier runs by him.  Fall down, throw your man to the side, do something to force the ball carrier to change his angle.

While Giants running back Brandon Jacobs demonstrated his straight-line speed and agility by tight-roping the sideline, his effort was helped by teammate Darcy Johnson's blatant hold on safety Gerald Sensabaugh along the way.  

If you didn't believe the media in general were made up of parroting idiots, listening to ESPN, Dan Patrick, and Rodney Harrison lay the blame of yesterday's game on Romo will do it.

Cowboys place kicker Nick Folk may be mentally toast.  With two missed FGs yesterday, Folk has missed five of his last seven attempts and has had four straight games with misses.  Kickers cracking mentally is nothing new.  Former NFL kicker Mike Vanderjagt was once known as the league's most accurate kicker.  After a crucial missed field goal in a 2005 divisional playoff game against the Steelers, Vanderjagt spiraled out of the league after a brief stint with the Cowboys a season later.

Mike Jenkins has assumed (or taken) the title of No. 1 corner from teammate Terence Newman.  Jenkins has my vote for Pro Bowl consideration.

I hate to take credit from a team that won the game, but that's just what I'm about to do.  The Giants' just don't impress me this season.


NO 33, WAS 30

If you needed further convincing that the Saints are having a charmed season, the win over the Redskins should be all the evidence you need.  They've won in blowouts, close games, and registered more than a few come-from-behind wins.  As a result, you're going to see a battle tested team that's prepped to go deep into the playoffs.


SEA 20, SF 17

Despite the loss, 49er quarterback Alex Smith put together another solid performance.  The 49ers would do well to give Smith the certainty of being named starter early as they move into this offseason.

After years of unfairly being labelled a bust, tight end Vernon Davis is putting together a Pro Bowl season.  His signature go-to route is straight up the seam over top of the safety.  A large number of his 10 touchdowns this season has come via that route.


SDG 30, CLE 23

Without hesitation, Philip Rivers should be counted as one of the league's few elite quarterbacks.  If the Chargers continue to finish strong, Rivers should be up for MVP consideration.

For a QB, must be nice to loft up passes to a pair of 6'5" wide receivers in Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd.  On more than just a few occasions I've seen Rivers chunk a deep ball and let his receivers compete for the ball.


OAK 27, PIT 24

The Steelers' season may be in peril, but it looks like they may have found their starting running back of the future in Rashard Mendenhall .  Mendenhall is primed to post the Steelers' first 1,000 yard rusher since Willie Parker in '07.