Iverson's First Game Out Of "Retirement" Doesn't Live To Its Hype

Eric YarmolukCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2009

Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers at the 'NBA All-Star Game' at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pa.  2/10/02  Photo by Scott Gries/NBAE/Getty Images
Scott Gries/Getty Images

Talk was all over the NBA waiting for this Monday night game where we seen the return of Allen Iverson to the team he was drafted by. Philly basically sold out the arena to see Iverson take on his former team Denver. You sold out the arena and had all this hype only to see.... Chauncey Billups dominate Allen Iverson and Iverson putting up sorry numbers in his return.

Denver came out with a mission to shut up all the hype about Allen Iverson's return and facing a Chauncey Billups who Denver traded Iverson for. Denver did just that giving the Sixers and newly acquired Iverson their 10th straight loss.

Chauncey Billups dominated the game putting up 31 points, grabbing 8 rebounds, and tacking on 8 assists. Carmello Anthony put up 14 points as well against his former teammate.

Iverson on the other hand well. Didn't put up numbers like expected. Iverson played 38 minutes and only put in 11 points on his opening night. The crowd gave him a big ovation but he failed to capitalize on it.

As many thought Iverson would come in and right away scoring 20 plus points and lead the Sixers to an upset win over Denver, Iverson brought the fans to reality.

Iverson just isn't capable of putting up major numbers like he use to. Sure the hype for his return was exciting and you sold out the arena. But that wont last. The attendance will drop again once you see Iverson isn't helping the team out.

Sure you will still sell a lot of tickets when Kobe or LeBron comes to town but for you to think Allen Iverson will lead you into the playoffs this season you have another thing coming.

It may be his first night back, but don't expect much more points than 11 a game. He just doesn't have it in him anymore. You may see Iverson average 17 points a game if that.

His disappointing performance only shooting 4-11 from the field and only taking 4 shots from the free throw line proves to me he should have stayed out of the league this year. He should have only came back as a role player coming off the bench because that is his only way he can win a ring.

The Sixers next match-up is against Iverson's other former team the Detroit Pistons. Lets see if Iverson can put up better numbers in this game or if Stuckey will do to Iverson exactly what Chauncey did. Stuckey vs Iverson will definitely be a match-up worth watching.