10 Thoughts on Mark Mangino, Turner Gill, Dezmon Briscoe, and Kansas

JDAnalyst IDecember 8, 2009

DETROIT - DECEMBER 5:  Head Coach Turner Gill of the Buffalo Bulls looks on against the Ball State Cardinals during the MAC Championship game on December 5, 2008 at Ford Field in Detroit Michigan. (Photo by: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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I don't think there's any real way to organize everything running through my mind concerning Kansas Football as a result of the past two weeks.

But I suppose I'll try to do it anyway.

So in no particular order, here are some thoughts that have plagued me throughout the week...

10) Dezmon Briscoe going pro...

I did predict this at one point during the season, and still think that, with a new coach, quarterback, and system on the way, that this was the right decision.  I always held out a touch of hope, though, that Kansas' dismal end to the season might keep him around.

I think, due to issues with fumbles, drops, and speed, he could land high in the third round.  Briscoe doesn't have excellent potential, but seeing him become a productive number three receiver over time would be no surprise.

9) Mark Mangino's future...

I've said before that I don't expect Mangino to retire from football.  He's up there in years and has enough money to go around, but may want one more chance before he gets too big and/or old.

I still like the idea of his potential as an offensive coordinator somewhere like Kansas State under his mentor Bill Snyder (not saying it's a possibility, just a thought).  I'm just not sure he's got enough left to resurrect any small program that would hire him.

8) Opportunities Kansas provides...

It seems like everyone is simply ready to dismiss Kansas as a nobody again.  I just wonder why Kansas is apparently such an unattractive destination?  The Big 12 North provides BCS quality but with a wide-open top.  Wichita and Kansas City become better recruiting destinations each year.  Lew Perkins could pay big (I'm not sure he will).  Don't forget, there's talent on this team, too.

It's not ideal for the best of names. To the right coach, though (i.e. Mangino), Kansas could be a prime, career-sort of destination.

7) The candidates...

The University Daily Kansan has released a list of eight likely candidates for Kansas, including names from Fedora, Cromwell, Holtz, Edsall, and Fullmer to Harbaugh and Veneables, however unlikely the chances.

Most notably, several sources say Kansas and Lew Perkins are most interested in and have possibly already interviewed Buffalo head coach Turner Gill.

6) The Turner Gill bio..

Gill is only 20-30 overall with a 14-18 conference record in four seasons at the University of Buffalo.  While I, like many, am not particularly impressed by such a resume, it should be noted that Buffalo is not the best place around to coach.

Gill, a former Nebraska quarterback, is an offensive minded guy and brought Buffalo from the deepest pits of NCAA football to respectability at least , and because of an only so-so 2009 season, his price tag may not be too bad either.

5) What Gill would mean for Kansas

I've had my bits about Kansas offensive coordinator Ed Warriner, but something tells me he may look good next to a guy like Turner Gill.  Kale Pick would certainly benefit from the presence of Gill, and the talent on offense is there to be the kind of team both Gill and Kansas seem to like.

The only thing I don't really like about Gill is that I expected a bit more out of his Bulls this season, and that I think part of the reason for a hire like this concerns the afore-mentioned price tag.  That's not good reasoning if you ask me.

4) Clint Bowen...

Call it 'looking for a reason', 'holding a grudge', or anything else, but if Turner Gill comes, then Clint Bowen has to go.  Let Louie Matsakis, a scout team favorite, focus on that group, Bowen take a pay-cut to handle the special teams like he used to, and use the money you've saved on Gill to get a real defensive coordinator

No offense to Gill, but his experience with defense is not suitable for Kansas, and Bowen couldn't even handle the defense properly with Bill Miller at his side.

3) The other staff members...

Just a few questions I have that maybe readers can answer for me...

Would Turner Gill or whichever coach accepts our position bring their own assistants and staff?  What happens to Kansas' staff?

Also, David Beatty, Bill Miller, and Clint Bowen are the current interim coaches.  Why isn't Ed Warriner, a finalist for assistant coach of the year, part of that group?  Is it a reason personal to Warriner, or to Perkins?

2) The recruits...

Speaking of staff, what happens to their individual recruits?  And what's happening to the young men who originally committed to Mark Mangino?

I have part of that answer.  I've heard rumors that JuCo cornerback verbal commit Dave Clark and high school wide-out Keeston Terry aren't so solid in their verbal commitments to Kansas any longer.  On the other hand, a few guys like Hutch High defensive end Geneo Grissom have actually reconfirmed their commitment status.

1) The outlook on next season...

I know it's a long ways off, and the hardwood Jayhawks look great, don't they?  But I still have a hard time not getting a little excited for the 2010 grid-iron group at Kansas, even if only to see what happens.

There are few names I'm going to keep an eye on in the summer in particular that I expect Kansas football fans to get a little excited for as well.

Tanner Hawkinson (LT): Just imagine what a year of experience and an extra summer of work will do for the quickly-improving young blind-sider.

Huldon Tharp (OLB), Lubbock Smith (S): Despite Kansas' struggles defensively through the final seven games, these two freshman made a name for themselves.

Kale Pick (QB): The main attraction of Turner Gill at KU, to me, is what he could do with a kid like Kale Pick.  Good speed and a formidable arm are just about all Gill would need to get a lot of success out of the most important position in football.


Hopefully the next few weeks will yield some answers to some of these important questions, but until then, all we can do is wait patiently. 

In the meantime, Bill Self and the basketball team had better make Kansas proud, or there could be a university-wide, athletics-induced depression in Lawrence, Kansas.




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