Note to Javon Walker: Heed the Warning Signs

Ron GloverSenior Analyst IJune 18, 2008

Whatever Higher Power has spared the life of Javon Walker twice since Jan. 1, 2007, hopefully got through to the Oakland Raiders wide receiver.

Walker was found unconscious along the Las Vegas strip, Monday morning, after he was reportedly beaten, robbed, and abducted before he was put out of the vehicle by his assailants.

Walker spent the weekend partying at several clubs in the area with friends. It was reported that Walker was seen spraying the partygoers with several bottles of champagne.

After that, things get hairy. According to Walker, he was awakened by a knock at his door around 3:00 AM. There were approximately three men with guns who beat Walker, and robbed him of about $3,000 in cash and $100,000 in jewelry. 

Walker, 29, was taken to the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center on Monday, where he was listed in fair condition and was expected to be released Tuesday.

This is not the first time Walker has been involved in an altercation after a night on the town.

On Jan. 1, 2007, Walker's former teammate Darrent Williams was killed after his limo was shot at by reputed Crip gang members after an altercation inside a Denver nightclub.

Again, it was reported that the crowd was sprayed with champagne by Walker.

My question to Javon Walker is: What will it take for you to come to grips that every time you go out to party, not everyone is there to party with you. There just as many negative elements in that club as positive, and they're all not wearing painted-on jeans.

Thugs look for a guy like you—shining brighter than a strobe light, flashing cash, and, the final insult, spraying them with champagne like they're beneath you.

I would want to put my foot up your tail as well if I was out and I get sprayed with some champagne when all I can afford is Corona. I guess since most of them can't afford it, you figure to do them a public service.

Guess what? It's that same display of arrogance and stupidity that lands athletes in the hospital, jail, or worse.

But who am I to tell you something you already knew.