Why The BCS Needs a Playoff System More Than Ever

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Why The BCS Needs a Playoff System More Than Ever
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With a record of 12-0 beating three ranked teams and winning their division the Cincinnati Bearcats will be denied the chance to play in the national championship.

This may bring up the question why does the BCS have to be like this?

What piece of admissible evidence do have that says that Cincinnati can't beat Alabama or TCU can't beat Texas.  

None so why can't we take the best six team's and have a playoff for the National Championship. 

This is how the playoff would be done if we did it this season.

1. Alabama

2. Texas

3. Cincinnati

4. TCU

5. Florida

6. Boise State

Okay so then one plays six, two plays five, and then three plays four.

Then the champions play and in order of defeat the other teams play.

Okay so lets say Cincinnati beats florida 42-3 what is saying that Cincinnati can't beat Texas or Alabama?

But also why can't TCU or Boise State beat anyone of those teams?

I mean look at Cincinnati's resume.

1.Beat South Florida

2. Beat West Virginia

3. Beat Pittsburg

Tony Pike

184 for 293

2350 yards

62.8 completion 

26 TDs

6 Int

Zach Colloros

93 for 124

1434 yds

75% completion

10 TDs

2 Int

So what is saying that with two very good QBs that Cincinnati can't knock off anyone.

Also Texas almost losing to not the most dynamic 9-4 Nebraska team.

Cincinnati although almost lost to a 9-3 Pitt team.

I am not saying that if we did have a playoff system that these two teams would not be playing for the National Championship, but I am saying that at least we should give these teams a try.


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