Tim Tebow: The CFL's New Face?

Joseph BosaCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2009

     This past Saturday the nation watched as Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators lost the SEC championship. 

     Yet the real loser that day was Tim Tebows draft stock. He showed inaccuracy and showed that his team can't depend on his arm to win big games. He showed America that he isn't a NFL QB, but at best a FB or wildcat QB.

     The CFL (Canadian Football League) was founded in 1909 and really has had a hard time getting a consistant following.

     The League consists of eight very competitive teams ranging all across the country. The rules are very similar to American football with a few differences.(Mainly 3 downs instead of 4, and a longer, wider field). The main thing that the league really lacks would be an icon to recognize it by. It lacks its Peyton Manning, or its Kobe Bryant.

     Now imagine if Tebow was signed by a CFL team. This would be very good for both parties as the league could utilizes and sharpen Tebows raw skills and he could become their iconic player.

    The League would really play to Tebows skills and allow him to improve his passing skills. 

    The larger field would allow Tebow to utilize his running giving him more room to run players over. 

    Also the CFL's larger field would allow Tebow to us his gun slinger type mentality more to his advantage. He wouldn't have to worry about fitting the football into the tight windows of an NFL field. In the CFL he would have a full 65 yard wide field. He would also have a full 150 yards to throw the ball. 

    Tebow could give the CFL the superstar it so much craves and deserves. He would give the league someone fans can relate to. He is also very marketable. (If Tebow went to the CFL we might actually see CFL highlights on sports center). 

     Lets face it right now Tebow isn't NFL material he's just a developmental project. If he went to the CFL he could actually get on field football practice. If Tebow wants he could then go on to play in the NFL if he so wished. He could do this like other NFL QB's Doug Flutie and Warren Moon.

Now the question still is there, what team could Tebow play for in the CFL. 

I would have to put Tebow on the Toronto Argonauts. The team lies in one of the biggest cities in Canada so he gets alot of publicity. The team is also struggling at the moment and has no clear cut QB on the roster. 

Overall Tim tebow may not be NFL material right now but he is way to much of a talent to just be wasted as the developmental QB on a losing NFL teams roster.