Dear LeBron James, Where Will You Be Playing Next Year?

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IDecember 7, 2009

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Dear LeBron James,

With 1/4 of the 2009-10 NBA season in the books, you are just three-quarters (plus the postseason) away from becoming an unrestricted free agent for the first time in your career.

Much speculation has circulated around the league that you could possibly be joining head coach Mike D'Antoni in the big and bright New York lights, or maybe team up with the only organization in the history of the NBA to start their season with an 0-18 record.

While these are just some possibilities, I have a strong feeling that you are going to stay right in your hometown of Cleveland.

NBA Primetime breaks down why LeBron James will remain as a Cleveland Cavalier over organizations like the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets.

Money Talks, BS Walks

As mentioned in our Top 2010 Free Agent Destinations , ESPN's Royce Webb stated that the Cavaliers are the only team that can offer James “10s of millions more than any other team can."

The reason: since James is on the Cavaliers, Cleveland is the only team that can re-sign him to a extra year in the contract offer, ultimately providing him with more cash than any other organization could.

Cavaliers add China onto their team

Back in May of this year, the Cavaliers added a group of Chinese investors as owners to their organization.

Owning up to 15 percent of the team, these investors have the power in their hands to not only entice James to re-sign with Cleveland, but almost guarantee to make him more popular than Yao Ming in China.

“If this deal is approved, there will be much more attention paid to the Cavaliers in China, like there is for Houston, and that will help the team and LeBron’s own individual marketing," said Marc Ganis, a Chicago-based sports consultant.

China's Population = 1,330,044,544      US Population =304,059,724

With China being the most populated country in the world, LeBron can only make his wish of becoming the first athlete not named Tiger Woods to be worth a billion dollars turn into reality if he re-signs with no other than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland's past years success rules over all others

When talking about what jersey James will be wearing next year, it seems as if the only two teams discussed aside from Cleveland are the New Jersey Nets and the New York Knicks.

The Nets and Knicks combined for a total of 66 wins last season, tying with the Cavaliers who won a league-best 66 games.

Coming from a team that was defeated in the Eastern Conference Finals after leading the regular season with the most wins and highest win percentage, why in the world would a guy like LeBron want to downgrade to an organization that has yet to compete in the postseason since 2001?

Moreover, why would the King want to sign with a team that just kicked off the season with a historic 0-18 losing record?

Even though the Knicks and Nets have plenty of money to spend, their lack of success and distorted vision for their organizations future will prevent arguably the best player in the NBA from ever joining such a team of low caliber.

We hope you make the right decision LeBron, we know you will.


NBA Primetime

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