Interview: Jake Rosholt, Improvement Comes with Time and Experience

Erik Fontanez@@Erik_FontanezCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2009

For former UFC fighter Jake Rosholt, the time has come to consider the next move in his fighting career. Having been released by the world’s leading MMA promotion a few weeks ago, Rosholt is currently a free agent and waiting for his next opportunity.

I recently contacted the Oklahoma State wrestling All-American and asked him some questions about what it was like to make his run through the UFC. He opened up and shared his version of the journey from college to training with Randy Couture and competing with the best mixed martial artists in the world. Here is how it went…

Erik Fontanez: Let me start out by asking about the release from the UFC. What were your thoughts and feelings right after the release and how did you receive the news?

Jake Rosholt: I got the news from my manager. I was upset but not all that surprised. I knew that it was a possibility.

Erik Fontanez: While at Oklahoma State, what was your major and what did you see yourself doing once you finished school?

Jake Rosholt: I majored in education. I really had no plan.

Erik Fontanez: At what point did you decide that MMA would become your career of choice?

Jake Rosholt: I went to Randy Couture's gym and worked out one day. Loved it and moved to Vegas about a month later.

Erik Fontanez: Prior to your UFC debut, you racked up five straight wins. Some thought it was still too early to make the jump to the big stage. Do you agree with that opinion and did you doubt yourself at all going into that fight with Dan Miller?

Jake Rosholt: I wish I would have got more fights in the WEC. The experience would have been great.

Erik Fontanez: Your next fight with Chris Leben was a big step up. What was going through your mind in the days and moments prior to entering the cage for that bout?

Jake Rosholt: Just that I was gonna go out there and show what I am capable of.

Erik Fontanez: Was your game plan for Leben any different from all your other fights?

Jake Rosholt: Not really. I just wanted to win.

Erik Fontanez: Submission of the Night. What did that award mean to you?

Jake Rosholt: Dollar signs!

Erik Fontanez: The fight with Kendall Grove was another step up the ladder for you. One of the obvious obstacles middleweights face against him is his length. What do you feel was the toughest part about facing Grove and was his size a problem for you?

Jake Rosholt: Obviously his length is a difficult thing to train for. He is a good fighter with lots of experience.

Erik Fontanez: The look on your face after the fight was stopped was obvious disappointment. What else was going through your mind while you sat on the canvas moments after the fight?

Jake Rosholt: What do you think I was thinking about? I was thinking **** that sucks.

Erik Fontanez: What is next for Jake Rosholt?

Jake Rosholt: I am not sure yet.

Erik Fontanez: Strikeforce has been building up quite the roster of late. Any hope of landing there and, if so, who would be an ideal match up for you with them?

Jake Rosholt: I don't know what will happen yet. Strikeforce may be an option. Who would I fight, I don't really care.

Erik Fontanez: What do you feel you need to improve upon in your MMA game and how will you go about improving that?

Jake Rosholt: I need to improve everywhere. And with time an experience I will.

Erik Fontanez: I read in a previous interview that you would like to fight Michael Bisping? Why him and what attracts you to that fight?

Jake Rosholt: Just have always wanted to fight him. No particular reason.

Erik Fontanez: Last question, if you were to give one piece of advice to anyone trying to enter the sport of MMA, what would you tell them?

Jake Rosholt: Take your time & enjoy the journey.

I have written before that Jake Rosholt has a great deal of potential in this business. His strong background in wrestling, combined with his decent stand up and submission games, is a great foundation to build on and compete with in mixed martial arts. I look forward to seeing Rosholt do his thing in the cage again. I’m sure it will be soon.


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