Why the TCU-Boise State Fiesta Bowl Should Horrify All College Football Fans

Tyler StimsonCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2009

FORT WORTH, TX - NOVEMBER 14:  Head coach Gary Patterson of the TCU Horned Frogs at Amon G. Carter Stadium on November 14, 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Just when you think the BCS couldn't get anymore biased against non-AQ conferences, and just when you thought TCU couldn't get any more hosed, the BCS has topped itself once again.

History was made on Sunday. For the first time, two teams from non-BCS conferences crashed the BCS.

But instead of letting TCU and Boise State make a statement against teams from BCS conferences, the Fiesta Bowl, for some inexplicable reason, has decided to pair these two Cinderellas in a rematch of last year's Poinsettia Bowl—a game where a 10-2 TCU team defeated a 12-0 Boise State team by one point.

I think fans of both schools will agree that they'd much rather face any of the other eight teams that are in BCS bowls. They already saw this game last year.

This is a huge boon to the BCS conferences. Instead of risking non-BCS teams gaining a 5-1 record in BCS bowls, the BCS has hedged its bets and made sure that both TCU and Boise State will not go undefeated. One of them will have to lose, and the other will win.

I do not know what the Fiesta Bowl was thinking. Are they just trying to piss both of these teams off?

This is so ridiculous. People do not want to see David vs. David. They want to see David vs. Goliath, and for David to win.

In reality, these are two Goliaths (and Davids). But they are seen as good teams from weak conferences.

So, TCU finally earns a BCS bid (narrowly missing out on the championship game), and instead of getting to prove themselves against undefeated Cincinnati or Florida, they have to play a tough and underrated Boise State team.

TCU was a plethora of small Texas miracles from playing Alabama for all the marbles; now they have to settle for playing for best "mid-major" in America.

This is completely and utterly ridiculous. What is the point of crashing the BCS if you just get set up against your fellow non-BCS party crasher?

TCU finished a historic undefeated season, and instead of getting the chance to face someone like Alabama, Florida, Texas, or even Cincinnati, they get a chance to snuff out one of their fellow underdogs.

This is not what I thought giving access to the BCS bowls was all about.

No doubt this will be a great game. To me it is much of a "national title" game as Alabama-Texas is. But unfortunately it will not be seen that way.

Whoever wins will have a "nice" victory and will be the king of the "little guys."

Because of this unfortunate pairing, we will have no real frame of reference for how good Boise State and TCU really are—no way for them to make a statement like Utah did against Alabama last year, and like Boise did against Oklahoma.

TCU was one second from playing in the title game, and now they face a cannibalistic game against another team from a non-BCS conference.

If the rumors about Boise State joining the Mountain West being a question of when, not if, are true, then this matchup is even more horrifying.

This truly is a no-win scenario for Boise State and TCU.

For fans of the underdog, Texas' miracle victory over Nebraska had you utterly disappointed. Then this happened, and you knew that it was a victory for the BCS and a total loss for the outsiders.

What a complete and utter travesty.

However, to end on a positive note, whoever wins this clash of undefeated football powerhouses will be a champion in my book and just as worthy of a "national championship" as the winner of Alabama-Texas.

This could be a game for the ages. But I think TCU will prevail, as they just might have the best team in the country this year.

Too bad they won't get a chance to prove it against a BCS school, even if Boise State is a more worthy opponent.