BCS Committee Protects Cash Cow with TCU-Boiste State Showdown

WesAnalyst IDecember 6, 2009

Every school president that doubles as BCS committee member should be ashamed of themselves.

That group represents the most manipulative, greedy, and cunning scumbags ever to shape the landscape of college football.

Before this rant gets going, it is only right to acknowledge the wonderful season by Cincinnati. Unfortunately a team like Cincinnati is not going to bust the BCS. In order to break up the worst idea ever introduced to college football, a non-BCS school must expose it.

With that cleared up, let’s get back to the clowns who are leaders for institutions of higher learning and how they protected their Sugar Daddy Sunday night when they   selected TCU to play against Boise State for the second consecutive year.

It was the best move they could make.

Here is what the spineless, gutless little pukes did.

They avoided TCU or Boise State busting the BCS, which inevitably would create an open-and-shut argument for a playoff.

Once that happens, it would spell the end of their money-making machine.

If you have TCU play Florida and the Horned Frogs win the game, the committee runs the risk of stirring the pot and having people wonder if the BCS committee picked the right team from Texas to play for the National Championship.

And if Boise State knocks off a team like Cincinnati, then the committee might have to face more backlash about creating automatic bids for the current non-BCS schools.

Well done.

If I ever paint myself into a corner, I will turn to the shysters that sit on the BCS Committee and ask for advice. They somehow took a potentially dreadful situation and made all of the problems disappear with the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl matchup.

TCU and Boise State will play against each other and when the game ends we will walk away saying, "I guess those teams are good, but what do I have to compare them against. Oh well. I can't wait for the Texas-Alabama game."

A Texas-Alabama matchup also helps cover up the controversy.

If Alabama rolls Texas, the entire country will admit the Crimson Tide are the best because they handled the number two team in the country.

If Texas hangs with 'Bama or wins, then the country will admit that Texas was indeed the right team to play in the game because they defeated the top rated team in the country.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the winner of the Texas-Alabama game squared off against the winner of the TCU-Boise State game?