Arkansas Ole Miss: Hogs Impressive Against SEC Foe

James MoseleyCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2007

IconMost people would look at the box score of the ArkansasOle Miss game and say it doesn't mean much.

Well, it does if you're an Arkansas Razorbacks' fan.

If you've paid attention to the Rebels this year, you know they've played well 90 percent of the time.

They almost upset Florida, were three points away from beating Alabama, and have won two out of three non-conference games.

Up until the Arkansas game, Ole Miss' worst loss was at the hands of Georgia, to the tune of 45-17.

On the other hand, the Hogs have struggled with lesser opponents all season—with the exception of North Texas, who the Hogs routed 66-7.

Tennessee-Chattanooga, a team the Razorbacks should have dominated from the get-go, held the Hogs to just 34 points.

In the Alabama game, there was no reason the Razorbacks should have lost. I think they would have won had it not been for a few questionable calls late in the game.

Similarly, if the Hogs hadn't let the Kentucky Wildcats score before the end of the first half, it would've been a whole new ball game.

The Auburn game was proof that Arkansas' defense is stepping up—that was by far the best defensive game I've seen all year, bar none.

And so...when the Arkansas Razorbacks traveled down to Oxford on Saturday and handed Ole Miss their worst whooping of the year, they showed me that they're continuing to improve on their balance.

Although they don't have a shot at a national title, the Razorbacks still have a chance to finish the year strong.

As far as Darren McFadden's chances of winning the Heisman—that would be a long shot now.

In my opinion, though, he's still the best football player in the nation—and Felix Jones is right there behind him.