What Will Happen To The Veteran Talent If ECW Dies?

Javier E.Contributor IDecember 6, 2009

So it's a fact now that the third-tier brand ECW will be replaced early next year with a show that will be solely for building and exposing young up and coming talent. This means that ECW will basically die for the second time since resurfacing back in 2006. This leaves us with the question: What will happen to guys like Christian, William Regal, Shelton Benjamin, and Goldust?

These guys are basically on ECW so that they are given the opportunity to rebuild their careers and come back a better contender, where they have time to shine since the red and blue brands are constantly dominated by the same three guys, where they are also given the task to go up against young, fresh, new talent so that new stars made.

Christian is the only one who I believe will have no problem on the main brands, as he is already hugely over and has been pushed for months as a respectable, dominant champion. Yeah he'll be alright, but what about Shelton Benjamin? He's just beginning his push toward the title. He still needs time to fully develop into something more than just a lower mid-carder.

He's an incredibly gifted superstar but is just plain dull and lacks the mic skills that many great champions have (excluding Jeff Hardy since he lacked it too). Goldust is pretty over with the fans but his gimmick is old and he's just not a legit title contender and I doubt he'll be competing for the IC or U.S. titles since its currently being used to build the higher mid carders into main event talent.

The same goes for Regal who's basically been a mid-carder his entire career. He's been Intercontinental Champion twice, World Tag Team Champion four times, and was also the 2008 King of the Ring. Yet he's still not seen a legit World/WWE title contender. So he'll just go on back to being a mid-carder going nowhere.

Tommy Dreamer is a big question mark. He wouldn't make much of an impact on either show so I see him being released soon after the brand renewal. No disrespect intended, I mean I respect the man. He's talented and has taken part in some of the world's most extreme matches, But c'mon can you imagine:

"Here's your newwww WWE Champion..Tommy Dreamer!"

I sure as hell can't.

What's your thoughts on this move by the WWE?