Theo Are Kidding Me???

scott bissettContributor IDecember 6, 2009

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - OCTOBER 11:  General manager Theo Epstein of the Boston Red Sox sits in the dugout before game two of the American League Championship Series against the Tampa Bay Rays during the 2008 MLB playoffs at Tropicana Field on October 11, 2008 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

Theo you have got to be kidding me. Why is it that you insist on bringing mediocre shortstops to town.

I mean really Marco Scutaro is that the best you could do. Giving a 34 year old band aid a 2 yr 12.5 million dollar is just absurd. Lets get real and go out and trade some of the good young pitching for a guy like Hanley Ramirez, a guy we traded away 4 yrs ago.

Look he is 26 years old stud shortstop who hits for average and home runs. As is evident with his final stats this year .342 ba 24 hr and 106 rbi's on a Marlins team that has nobody else. Tran slant this season to Boston and he hits 40 home runs and drives in 140.Not to mention he is cheap for the Red Sox 4yrs left on a 50 million dollar contract.

He is officially one third of the Marlins payroll at 10 mill per season. To not even try and see what it would take to pry him from the Marlins is inexcusable. Their current payroll is 36 million. I'm sure they would love to dump his salary.

Instead He signs Marco Scutaro who is coming of a career year with a .282 ba 12 hr and 60 rbi's for the Blue Jays. That to me makes no sense what so ever.

Theo has had a long line of well documented Blunders at second base. This will only continue until he decides to use the farm system like it should be, to make the team better.

Theo also must do what ever it takes to sign Matt Holliday and trade for Roy Halladay. So all us in Red Sox Nation can have a happy HOLIDAY.

Theo if this doesn't happen your face will look like that again at the end of this year.