Texas Has To Thank Preseason Polls For BCS Championship Game Birth

Robert BContributor IDecember 6, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - DECEMBER 5:  John Chiles #7 of the Texas Longhorns celebrates with a rose after his team beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers 10-6 in the game at Cowboys Stadium on December 5, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When the preseason polls came out before the college football season had gotten under way the top 3 read Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma.  If you look a little farther back you will find the TCU Horned Frogs ranked at 17th and the Cincinnati Bearcats receiving 44 votes to get into the top 25.  When the BCS Championship Game is announced today, the Texas Longhorns should send the preseason voters a big thank you card.  Without, the preseason polls I highly doubt Texas would be in the national title game.  Had TCU or Cincy been ranked ahead of Texas to start the year, one of those teams would be headed to the BCS Championship game not the Longhorns.  Preseason Polls are based on what happened the past season but the thing is last season is over and should not affect what happens this season.  But, the sad thing is it does.  Heading into tonight's bcs announcements the top 5 read Alabama, Texas, TCU, Cincy, and Florida.  Now, can you honestly say the preseason polls have not affected the polls throughout the year.  If you can you are probably a Longhorn fan, don't get me wrong Texas had a great season but better than TCU or Cincy I don't know.  Texas got their best win of the season yesterday over Nebraska team that was ranked 22nd and it was a game they should have lost.  For some reason Texas has a better Strength of Schedule than TCU and Cincy, but when you look at the schedules for these 3 teams I don't think Texas had the toughest schedule out of this bunch.  Texas has beaten two teams currently ranked in the top 25 #20 Nebraska and #21 Oklahoma State, TCU has beaten #15 BYU and #24 Utah, and Cincy has beaten #16 Oregon State, #17 Pitt, and #18 WVU.  So, when you look at each team's best win you have to give a leg up to Cincy and Texas and TCU are about even.  How about unranked teams that each team has struggled to beat.  Texas has struggled with an injured Oklahoma team, a decent Texas Tech team, and a Texas A&M team that is happy to just be bowl eligible on the road.  TCU has struggled with the losing team in the ACC Championship game Clemson on the road and a decent Air Force team on the road.  Cincy has struggled with two average teams Fresno State and Connecticut at home.  So, when you look at this part of the schedule I would give the edge to TCU and Cincy.  I have to ask you compared to TCU and Cincy what has Texas done to be ranked ahead of these teams?  Something tells me it's the tradition and the conference the play in, not who they have beaten and what they've done this year.  That is what is wrong with college football too much is based on tradition and not what teams have done this season, if this were the case TCU or Cincy would be playing Alabama in the National Championship game but that's not the case.  Texas I hope you send those preseason voters a big fat thank you card because without them you would not be in the national title game.