The Top 5 Worst Currrent WWE Finishers

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2009

In the WWE there are some really bad finishers, this finishers look rather unrealistic and bad. Today I am ranking the top 5 worst.

When you see a wrestler performing a bad finisher to end an exciting match you feel annoyed, and this is the worst part of bad finishers.

1) 619- Rey Mysterio

Rey-Rey is the greatest high-flyer in the WWE, still his finisher looks lame. I know that he is a cruserweight so we can't expect a powerbomb from him but the 619 is a bad choice. 

Technically the 619 is nothing more than a kick to the face, this makes it unrealistic( a trained wrestler would never get knocked out from such a move). Also the way the wrestler goes directly to the ropes looks very fake (who would put his self in his opponents finisher position?).

I am sorry Rey-Rey, even though you are one of my favourites you need to  change your finisher. I would suggest a frog splash.

2) Knock-out punch-Big show

Before he made the knock-out punch his finisher the Big Show used another lame finisher, the chokeslam. Unlike Rey, Big Show can do a lot of powerhousing maneuvers.

The idea of getting punched in the face form a 500-pounder is enough to knock you unconsious, but the problem is that this doesn't allow to the Big Show to punch his opponent through the whole match, and I really don't like the idea of a headbutt replacing the punch throughout the match.

3) World Strongest Slam- Mark Henry

In my opinion one of the worst finishers ever. The WSS is a really bad and unrealistic finisher. Also Mark Henry can't execute it correctly, this makes it even more bad.

I think that the weight of Mark henry makes him capable of a better finisher. In my opinion WWE should give Henry a powerbomb or a move similar to the samoan drop.

4) The GTS- C.M Punk 

CM Punk is one of the most talented wrestlers in the roster, but his finisher is really bad. Gts is like a kick in the face after Punk drops the wrestler directly on his foot. 

I have several issues aboutn this finisher. Firstly it doesn't look painfull or realistic, secondly it is executed very quickly to it doesn't get any reaction, and thirdly why give him this finisher when he has a great and unique submission move(Anaconda Vince).

5) Tombstone Piledriver- The Undertaker

Even though the Piledriver gets some good crowd reaction it is rather unrealistic. It looks like if the opponent performs a suicide as he always puts his own feet around the Takers neck to allow him to perform it.

Also the wrestler doesn't touch the mat. I think that the Undertaker should stick with the Last Ride and the Hells Gate (Gogoplata).