The 11 Best 11s: College Football's Final Regular Season Edition

BabyTateSenior Writer IDecember 6, 2009

The 11 best 11s is a reflective ranking system based upon the performances of the previous week.

Due to the highly volatile nature of college football, rankings may vary from one week to the next. However, this edition will take the entire season into consideration.

                              The 11 Best 11s

Ranking This Week                         Ranking Last Week

1. Texas                                          1.

2. Alabama                                       2.

3.  Texas Christian                            4.

4.  Boise State                                 5.

5. Florida                                         3.

6.  Cincinnati                                     6.

7.  Oregon                                        7.

8. Georgia Tech   N/R (No. 1 On The Porch)

9. Ohio State                                    8.

10. Iowa                                          9.

11.  Penn State                               10.

On The Porch: Oregon State, Pittsburgh, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, LSU

During last week's edition of the 11 Best 11s series a poll was conducted to find out what Conference Title Game would be the most exciting.

84 percent believed the SEC Title Game would be the most exciting. And 84 percent of you were wrong.

The SEC Game between Florida and Alabama was the least exciting of all the Conference Title Games. The 2009 SEC Championship was decided by halftime.

Certainly it was exciting for all Alabama fans who enjoyed the victory and the opportunity to humiliate Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer, and the BCS Champion Gators for what happened in the fourth quarter of last season's SEC Title Game.

To the rest of the viewing public who do not live a Crimson-colored life, the game itself was a great letdown resulting from the margin of victory, 32-13.

The previously unbeaten Gators were whipped from pillar to post by an intense and focused Red Elephant unit who asked for no quarter and gave none. Florida seemed unable to do anything to keep the outcome in doubt, or even put up a good fight.

The word being searched for here could be anticlimactic.  

Let us hope the BCS Title Game will provide more excitement for fans everywhere. It has been four years since there was any edge-of-the-seat action in this annual match-up for the BCS Trophy.

The ACC Championship and the de facto Big East Title Game were thrilling and exciting battles.

Georgia Tech completed a season sweep of Clemson with a 39-34 win for the ACC crown. The Bearcats of Cincinnati edged the Pittsburgh Panthers, 45-44 to complete a perfect regular season.

If there is a more interesting possible match than Ga Tech's running game versus Cincinnati's passing game it does not readily come to mind.

East Carolina showcased the brilliance of the Pirate Head Coach, Skip Holtz, in a dazzling 38-32 victory over Houston.

The younger Holtz devised a plan which led East Carolina to a win over Houston and claim the CUSA Title for a second consecutive season. For their reward, the purple-clad Pirates get a date in the Liberty Bowl.

The Civil War, Oregon vs. Oregon State, featured two of the best all-around teams in the nation playing to the limit of their ability. The Ducks made good use of their home field and escaped former Alabama star Mike Riley's lethal Beaver Brigade, 37-33.

The Big 12 Championship game was a defensive affair. The Cornhuskers stopped the vaunted Longhorn offense and stymied quarterback Colt McCoy's bid to run away with the Heisman Trophy.

Not as thrilling as some of the high scoring championship contests, never the less, the 13-12 affair was an interesting and intense battle between two of the finest stop units in America.

While the Longhorns survived to hang on to their No. 1 ranking for yet another week in the 11 best 11s, in all truthfulness Texas was not the most impressive team this past weekend.

In fact, they may not have been the most impressive team on the field in Arlington, Texas on Saturday night.

Still, a win is win. And the Longhorns just may get to the BCS Title Game ahead of old nemesis Texas Christian.

If they do, many observers would credit the performance of the men from Austin less than the good fortune of instant replay and the official who added one second to the game clock.

A second in time which insured Texas the opportunity for the winning kick on the final play of the game.

But, it has been opined through the years champions are made from overcoming such adversity.

Forgive the interested party in Fort Worth if they do not agree. 



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