Higgins Scores a Beauty and Cally Knocks In The Winning Goal!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2009

BUFFALO, NY - DECEMBER 05: Christopher Higgins #21  of the New York Rangers scores on Ryan Miller #30 of the Buffalo Sabres in the first period at HSBC Arena on December 5, 2009 in Buffalo, New York.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images


In their first meeting of the season, the NY Rangers and the Buffalo Sabres were both determined to get the win.

Henrik Lundqvist was superb up to the last 56 seconds in the game, where he let in a goal that he should have had . But hey he saved 36 shots and some where fantastic saves.

This was a well played game by the Rangers. Their defense showed up to play and were in the right places to pick up the rebounds and or clear their zone when needed.

In the second period the Rangers defense had a short time span where Buffalo started to take over and pressure them. But Lundqvist denied everything the Sabres shot at him.

The defense was not great, but they played much better then they have all year with the exception of a few games. This is what happens when you have a great goalie, and a defense that tries to protect their net and being aggressive in their own zone. They still played a loose game, which I did not care for, but tonight it paid off and they got the job done.

To no surprise Tortorella was changing the lines the whole game. Why he continues to do this is beyond me. Luckily tonight it paid off.

Chris Higgins and Ryan Callahan were the Rangers goal scorers. If you happen to see the game, Higgins goal was a real beauty. It makes you wonder where this guy has been all season. Cally picked up a juicy rebound from a Sean Avery shot that gave the Rangers the winning goal.

I guess we have to come to terms with the fact that the Rangers are paying Chris Drury 7 million a year to take Blair Betts place on the pk. You have to feel bad for Drury, you can see how hard he tries to make something happen and score a goal. But tonight Miller shut Drury down.

It was a close game and Buffalo had tons of chances. Glad to see Lundqvist back to him self as he defeats the Sabres 2-1.

Can the Rangers get something going with this win. Tomorrow night they face off against the mighty Red Wings. This will be a real test for them.