Michael Redd For Carmelo Anthony? Don't Be a Fool

Ruru RurururulandContributor IJune 17, 2008

Sure, we've heard Melo and Redd rumors.  It's time to draw the line.  This one doesn't make any sense.  Why?


Let's keep in mind these are both small-forwards.  We will do this analysis in a player 'A', player 'B' format.

Over the last three years player 'A' has averaged 26.9 points per game, 6.11 rebounds and 3.26 assists.  Player 'A' has shot over 48 percent from the floor and has averaged over eight free throws a game. 

Player 'B' has averaged 24.8 points, 4.2 rebounds and 2.9 assists.  Player 'B' has shot 45 percent from the floor and gotten to the line just under seven times a game over the last three years.

Okay, so it's pretty clear who the superior player is from a production standpoint.

Put it to rest.

Player 'A' is a 24 while player 'B' is 28.  Player 'A''s team has made the playoffs each of the past five seasons in the superior conference and averaged over 46 wins per year.  Player 'B' participates in the junior varsity conference and his team has not had one season over .500 in the last five years.

Both players participated on Team USA.  Player 'A' was considered one of the team leaders and has arguably been the best player the last two years. Player 'B' came off the bench last year, behind player 'A'.

Both players have moderately sized max-contracts. 

Player 'A' is still considered to be developing.  His rebounding and three-point shooting vastly improved last year and his defense has slowly gotten better each of his five seasons.  Player 'B' is considered tapped out.


You know which is which right?  Melo for Redd is a ridiculous idea.  Let it go.