What The Ny Ranger Fans Need To Do? Act Now Before Its To Late!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2009


There have been a few moves in Rangers town this week and I for one couldn’t be more happy to at least see some form of life coming from the Rangers organization in an attempt to save this years season.

The moves they have made, well will they make a difference? Who really knows! Signing Erik Christensen, I mean who is this guy. He is a no body. Going into his fifth year, Christensen has score a record high of 18 goals with 15 assist and that was back in the 2006/07 season with the pens. Last year he played 64 games a totaled only 7 goals with 21 assists. So far this year he has played in 9 games and has zero points.

Yes I am sure we are all happy to see some action coming out of the Rangers office, but, is this the best they can do? So what do they expect to get from a guy who is going into his fifth year and really has not done anything spectacular so far? I just don’t get it!

Enver Lisin has played in 24 games, he scored 3 goals with 5 assists and he has been riding the bench for the last three games. He has scored more points then Higgins, redden, rozsival , Boyle, Gilroy , Voros, Brashear and is tied with Callahnah with 8 points. Yet everyone else is still playing.

It seems to me that Tortorells has his head so far up his rear , Christopher Columbus wouldn’t be able to find it. Nothing Tortorella has done so far has made any sense. I mean if you want to win a games then you play you best players. Bottom line. Maybe Lisin’s injury is more than what we are being told. Since everything is so secretive. But Tort mentioned Lisins’ play not his injury. If he made a mistake, well it is really only his second year playing. Exceptions are to be made.

If for some reason Tortorella is unhappy with mistakes Lisin has made and there for benching him. Well that is fine. But than that means Tort should follow threw on what he not only stated in many interviews but with what he has started. Which means benching everyone for their mistakes, including Rozsival, Redden, Higgins and everyone else on this team. Bottom line is does this guy want to win or what? His actions tell us all ,no!

The Rangers also brought up goalie Chad Johnson. According to the stats, Chad has not played a game since preseason. In fact he hasn’t played a game since the 2007/08 season where he played for the University of Alaska. Although he did look very good in preseason, this move is baffling. Goaltending is not the problem. Vally has not played as good this yeas as he did previous years but for the most part it has been the defense that has left both Vally and Lundqvist out to dry. Bringing up a young player with this defense as it is right now can only do more harm then good.

Lets say this kid Johnson is the real deal. But because of the Rangers defense, they lose with him in goal. You know dam well what will happen next. If not this year then next year. He’ll get traded. The blame will go on him, as it has been placed on both Vally and Lundqvist. It can also ruin this kids career as these things have done to many others before him. The only way the Rangers will win is if they play tight defense, collapsing around the goalie in their own zone. They need to protect their net and the puck. As well as their goalie. They have played this type of defense in three games and they won. If they play loose as they have been playing. They will get crushed again. Either that, or THEY NEED TO SCORE 7 GOALS. Which I don’t see happening.

The Rangers also called up defenseman Ilkka Heikkinen. So far this is the only move that makes any sense. This kid is offense all the way and he creates plays and tons of chances if he is allowed to play his game and not held back by Tortorella. Expect good things from this kid.

But Ilkka is not the answer to the Rangers problems. If you listen to Tortorella,, than we might as well just have five forwards on the ice, because he is so determined to have the Rangers just score goals. HEY coach, there is a thing called defense, and you can not win with out it.

Where is the big defenseman they need. In fact they need at least two very big, very physical, positional defenders. Every good team has at least two. Check the league, you’ll see. The teams that are winning have good defense. The teams that are not winning, have what the Rangers have and that is not saying much.

Do not get me wrong, I wish all these new guys play well and can make the difference for this team. But hey, lets be real. Christensen will replace who. Does it really matter, what can we really expect from him. Now you add a goalie who might be great. Who knows. But in case we all forgot, Lundqvist is great as well but yet teams scored 4 goals a game. What good is having a great goalie, with no defense. You do not have to look far for the answers to that. If you are a Rangers fan, all you have to do is look back to the great Mike Richter. He had to kill him self in goal to get a win, with the defense he had to work with. It all ends the same. They lost against every good team. Missed the playoffs seven years in a row. From the looks of things as they are now, the Rangers do not have a pray in hell to make the play offs.

When you build a team, you start with you goalie not Gaborik, not Jagr, not any of them. Not if you want to do it right. From your goalie, you need protection, Your defense! You pick the best guys you can to keep the puck out of your net. Pretty simple right? From there you look at what you have in terms of offense.

You look at Gabby, and you look to match him up with the best players you can get. As a head coach, or a GM, YOU KNOW that there are some players that just automatically click with other players. Some don’t. they take some time to form. In order to make that happen, you need to find the best player on your roster and let them play together. Not just one game or two games. These things take time. Tortorella wants everything to happen in one game, and it does not work like that. Shoot, if he don’t like what he saw on the first shift, he’s changing the lines. Just stupidity. Then he blames them for not scoring.

Look at last year. Renney had Gomez and Naslund together the whole year. From game one. They could not score for anything. So he puts Zherdev on the top line, and bam, goals are coming, they start winning again. Naslund and Gomez feed off of everything Zherdev did, and that helped build that chemistry for the 3 of them. Renney changes lines again, and the Rangers start loosing again. Instead of going back to Zherdev he tries a few guys first before settling with Cally. Point is , the chemistry took a while for Gomez and Naslund to form. But he stuck with it. It was stupid of him to take Zee off that line, but in the end, Cally did very well their after a few games.

You can not rush these things. This is what happens when you do. The Rangers team is back to game one. Not knowing who will go where and what will work. This is the results from rushing it, And that is exactly what Tortorella is doing here. Both Tort and Sather should know better!

NOW Tort has a new escape goat with Johnson. You know dam well he is not gonna blame himself. Or Rozsival or his defense. Because then he has to make an excuse of why he didn’t fix that problem weeks ago. Hey Take it for what it is worth, but it is what it is. All the money in the world could not help this team with the way it is being run. Both by Tortorella and by Sather.

Sather at one time was both, head coach and GM at the same time for the Rangers. So he knows better. After two decades nothing he has done has worked. In 1994 it was Mike Keenan who helped the Rangers win the cup, not Sather. So coaching is just as to blame as the players are and Tort is doing a piss poor job so far.

It is up to us, every Ranger fan out there to force Sather to do something big. When Rosy touches the puck boo his ass. Every dam time. Even if he scores a goal. Boo his ass. Every game till the end of the year if that is what it takes. When Redden comes back do the same with him. It has happen before where Ranger fans booed the team, and Sather did away with all of them and it can happen again. But we need to do what we need to do. Get the message across to Sather! Boo REDDEN AND ROSY EVERY CHANCE YOU GET, TILL THEY ARE GONE!!!!

You do not have to stop their. Higgins , Drury and Boyle have got to go. What a joke they have turned out to be. Voros, although I like his toughness, he is useless. He has to go. Changes are needed and now since the RANGERS decided to go after pee_ ons , it is up to us to get the message across. We need changes, we need more then what they are doing. Not only for this year, but for years to come.

Redden has like 3 years left on his contract. Drury too! Rosy has 2 more. They all have to go. SO LETS GO RANGER FANS, DO YOUR THING!