Ohio State, Oregon And Roses

BG BrewContributor IDecember 4, 2009

EUGENE,OR - DECEMBER 03:  Phil Knight, founder of Nike, celebrates the Oregon Ducks win over the Oregon State Beavers sending the Ducks to the Rose Bowl at Autzen Stadium on December 3, 2009 in Eugene, Oregon.  (Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)
Tom Hauck/Getty Images

The Buckeyes were able to end the season in the top 10 and play on New Years Day!  I enjoy O-State football and can't wait to see them play one last time before next season.  But, here we are again.  Another game that the entire nation will be watching and another high powered offense. The approach and results of this game will say alot about Coach T's ability to adjust, exploit another teams "true" weaknesses and take advantage of his players strengths.  Many sports writers talk about Michigan and Penn State but they often forget that Terrell Pryor's fourth and last school on his list was the home of the Ducks.  Terrell Pryor will have to be used to the absolute maximum. He will need to play freely and less restricted to find his comfort zone quickly.  I am confident that he will play well if those things happen.  He lives for these huge TV venues that put his team on a the grand stage. 

My worry is simple. The conservative game plan. The Bucks will have to take shots down field the entire game with attempts of more that 15 yards and I believe this will happen if the running game can be established early.  Coach T will have to take risks early to show his team that he has confidence in them.  Ohio States D defense has carried them all season, saved them all season and with an offense as good as Oregon's, they will have their hands full if the offense can't control the ball and the clock. Simply put, we will need to score points, theirs no way we will win if we don't score at least four TD's and have a good kicking game. 

So, I'll be at home, on New Years day skeptical, patient and excited.  I'll be looking for risks to be taken and big plays made by the legs and arm of TP.  I expect fireworks from the first snap until the end... I enjoy watching the Ducks and quite frankly there wasn't a tougher challenge in the Pac 10 than this bunch. They are on a mission.  But as the Big 10 representative, I hope the Scarlett and Gray understand that this game is bigger than them.