Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders Search For Their Bowl Game

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2009

After a 9-3 season that did not end with a conference championship, the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders sit at home wondering...

Wondering where their post season future lies.

Unlike all other conferences, the Sun Belt only has one automatic bowl berth, a trip to the New Orleans Bowl.

Troy locked up this spot with their victory over Louisiana-Lafayette, giving the Trojans a perfect conference record at 8-0.

Or did they?

Rumors around the league have the New Orleans Bowl, along with the Sun Belt, wanting the Blue Raiders to participate in this bowl.

Troy's fans and coaches want New Orleans, but what do they do if New Orleans doesn't want Troy.

The perfect answer for the entire conference is Troy moving to the GMAC bowl and challenging the MAC champion. Mobile is a shorter distance than New Orleans, and the payout is much higher.

Traditionally this bowl is occupied by the MAC and ACC, but a lack of ACC bowl teams makes this an open spot perfect for an at-large south of the Mason Dixon line.

Many questions remain for such a scenario to be possible.

Will the MAC put their champion against the Sun Belt's: Last year the Sun Belt No. 4, Florida Atlantic, went up to Detroit in the Motor City Bowl and Beat MAC Champion Central Michigan. Is the MAC confident that their champion can beat the Trojans?

Will the MAC move their champion : Traditionally the MAC champion plays the Big Ten No. 7 in Detroit. With Central Michigan looking like the best team, will the MAC be willing to lose all the Chippewa fans to a trip to Mobile?

Will Troy Comply: Troy's coach Larry Blakeney wants his team in New Orleans. Will they be able to balk a movement to Mobile in favor of an easier match-up?

Currently the Blue Raiders are projected in the following bowls: St. Petersburg, Little Caesars Pizza (former Motor City Bowl), New Orleans, Eagle Bank, and New Orleans Bowl.

If the fans of Middle Tennessee had their way, Troy would take on the MAC champion in Mobile at the GMAC Bowl, and the Blue Raiders would have their New Orleans bowl berth.

Sadly with the landscape of this conference, I believe that the Blue Raiders will be traveling to Detroit or Mobile once again as conference runner-ups while Troy continues to book their trip to New Orleans.

Whatever happens enjoy a fun-filled week of football and keep updated on the bowl projections around the web.

Lets Go BLUE!